Anime recommendation – Summer Time Rendering, a breathtaking anime

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In this article, we will recommend a anime which is being considered by critics as one of the best fictional anime, mystery and suspense of recent years. Still in release, Summer Time Rendering won its animated adaptation this year, having premiered, more specifically, last month (in April 2022) during the current spring season.

the anime

- anime recommendation: “summer time rendering”
Anime recommendation - summer time rendering, a breathtaking anime

Adapted from a manga written and drawn by Yasuki Tanaka, Summer Time Rendering is being produced and animated by OLM (Oriental Light and Magic), the same studio responsible for the animated versions of Pokémon and Yokai Watch. The anime already has a high rating on myanimelist, adding 8.35 with only a few episodes available (less than half expected). The series predicts a number of 25 episodes to be released.

The worldwide exhibition of the series is in charge of Disney Plus (Disney's streaming service).

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Below, watch the opening of the anime (very good by the way):

If you want to enjoy the full version of the opening song, watch the music video for the theme song titled “Hoshi ga oyogu” (“The stars swim”, in free translation) by the Japanese band “Macaroni Enpitsu”:

マカロニえんぴつ「星が泳ぐ」MV – YouTube.


The anime takes place on an island called Hitogashima and mainly involves the characters Shinpei (main character), Mio and Ushio.

Shinpei, after the death of his parents, lives with the Kofune family and their two daughters: Mio and Ushio. Shinpei had left his home island to continue his life in the city, however an unexpected event causes Shinpei to return after Ushio tragically drowns while trying to rescue a little girl and sadly dies. At the funeral, there is the rumor that Ushio had bruises, which makes Shinpei go after more information about the case.

Shinpei, suspecting that a murder has taken place, tries to find out what really happened, until strange things begin to occur and the story of an old folk tale about entities called "Shadows" begins to surface.

Synopsis adapted from MAL (myanimelist).


So far, I've watched the first five episodes of the series. I can say that I really liked what I saw so far, especially the way the characters interact and the way the plot develops. The way fiction is introduced gradually during the first episodes is also something to be highlighted.

As much as the characters seem cliché at first, what makes the anime interesting is the complex and surprising order of events, so that it becomes difficult to predict what will happen in the next episode. The concept of time travel perfectly matches the idea of shadows (or “clones”) within the anime.

In addition, the soundtrack is of excellent quality, especially the opening and ending.

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Anime official website

For more information about Summer Time Render and for those who know Japanese there is the official anime website with news and episode information (still in release). Click on the link below to be redirected to the website:

TVアニメ『サマータイムレンダ』 (

Vocabulary about anime

サマータイムレンダ = Summer Time Render .

アニメ = Anime (Japanese Drawing).

ミステリー = Mystery.

タイムトラベル = Time Travel.

死去 (しきょ) = Death, Death.

友達 (ともだち) = Friend.

事件 (じけん) = Incident.

暗殺 (あんさつ) = Murder.

ドッペルゲンガー = Clone (doppelganger), look-alike.

影 (かげ) = Shadow.

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