How to find out the names of anime, dramas and series?

Want to find out the name of an anime, drama or series but don't know how? Have only one image? Remember just a few things from the work? In this article, we will share tips on how you can find out.

There are several different techniques for discovering the name of an anime, whether by image, music, character names, character characteristics, year of release, etc. Although the focus is anime, you can use the strategies in this article with series, dramas, manga, games and others.

Discovering the anime name by an image

Usually you try to know the name of a certain anime when you find an interesting image on social networks, but nobody speaks the name. There are several ways to know the name of an anime by images.

If you use the google chrome browser, just right-click and choose the option Google Image Search. In doing so, you will come across several websites citing the source of this image.

Just select the anime images by browsing the google image, until you see some reference or name of the anime present on the pages with the image or even in the description of the image on Google.

How to find out the names of anime, dramas and series?

If you use another browser, you can search Google for Reverse Image Search that these sites perform the same function as the Chrome browser. Perhaps the other browser also offers an extension for this.

If you use Telegram, you can send the image to some of the bots below that perform the same function:

  • @WhatAnimeBot - Allows you to find the anime and episode of an image;
  • @YaMelodyBot - Discover song names;
  • @reversesearchbot - Do a reverse image search;

Discovering the anime name by Akinator

Another way to find out the name of an anime, series and movie or even a character's name is using Akinator. If you vaguely remember the character, just answer the questions and come up with an answer.

The Akinator is a website where a genius asks questions based on variables to get the character you're thinking about right. It usually displays the character's name along with the anime's name.

It may be that he doesn't mention the anime's name. In such cases just search for the character's name on Google. He can also end up making mistakes sometimes if he is a very unknown character.

How to find out the names of anime, dramas and series?

Discovering the name with little information

If you want to remember the name of the anime for little information, you may need to make a long navigation on informational sites like animelist, wikipedia and other databases.

I remember that I heard a lot of music in my childhood called Hey Ya! Unfortunately this song was lost and I didn't know her name at all at 16, but I really wanted to know.

Unfortunately, I didn't find the name of the music by letter for incorrectly writing the chorus and phrases that reminded me of the song. I just knew that the song was the subject of an annual Nickelodeon event.

I searched the Wikipedia pages of the Kids' Choice Awards year by year, until I found the name of the song Hey Ya! - Outkast. It was a great satisfaction to find the name of this song.

How to find out the names of anime, dramas and series?

If you know the year the anime was released, you can search the myanimelist. If you remember from the studio that the anime was shown, you can browse the studio's page on wikipedia, or do a gender search.

Whatever information you have, it can be relevant to find the name of the anime, series or drama. Both have an internet page with information that you can filter and find using google.

I already found anime names by writing some features in English on Google. Maybe this can help you! The information present in English is much greater than the information in English.

Ask for help in an online community

Today it is easy to remember the name of an anime, series or drama. If none of the above helped you remember the name of the work, just ask for help online through the groups on social networks and online forums.

I realized that many resort to Yahoo Answers, others look on their own facebook or YouTube channel. No matter what the case, never give up on finding the work you're looking for, but don't remember.

I hope the tips in this article are enough to help you remember and discover the name of an anime or series that you have forgotten. You can use the tips in this article with anything.

If you liked the article, just share and leave your comments. Remember any other tips to help you remember? We hope to hear from you in the comments…

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