How to Get Divorced in Japan


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Divorce rates are getting higher all around the world in recent times. People are less limited with cultural traditions, prejudices, and other restrictions, which used to keep a couple in marriage no matter the conditions. Divorces in Japan are processed in a similar way as in the US or Europe. Still, there is a unique divorce law around the country with no difference as in the States. If you want to end your marriage in Japan, you have to follow the procedure and have several options up to your needs and preferences. Learn more about the Japanese divorce peculiarities and save your time, money, and health on the way to your happiness. wedding in japanyou have to follow the procedure and have several options up to your needs and preferences. Learn more about the Japanese divorce peculiarities and save your time, money, and health on the way to your happiness.

Types of Divorce in Japan

No matter whether you decide to hand in documents in person or get and send divorce papers online, first of all, you have to decide on the type of your divorce. There are four types of possible divorce procedures in Japan:

Divorce by agreement - this is the simplest and the cheapest way to put the end to your marriage with no involvement of the third parties. Spouses are expected to discuss and agree on crucial things between themselves (e.g., custody, property division, child support, etc.). Once the couple has sorted everything out, they can fill out the documents and hand them to the city hall. The necessary papers may be found online or by requesting respective authorities. After that, spouses receive the resignation of their marriage and are considered divorcees.

Divorce by family conciliation in case the couple is not able to come to an agreement on their own, they can ask Family Court for help. This way, the mediator will be assigned to assist the spouses in making suitable decisions for both sides. All the decisions are documented and later used to fill out divorce papers. Then the papers are handed to the city hall for the couple to be declared as divorced. By the way, a mediator can help the couple to come to an agreement on their divorce as well as make them preserve the marriage.

Divorce by decision of the Family Court if the spouses want to get divorced but cannot come to any decision any possible way. They can ask the Family Law to decide for them according to the legislation. Still, if any of the sides are not pleased with the outcomes, they can file their objection within two weeks upon the decision of the Family Court. This way, the process can last long, so such a type of divorce is rarely chosen.

Divorce by trial the top radical way is litigation. It is opted for when a couple cannot decide on their divorce and want to get their case to trial. Still, unlike other options, you can only file for divorce by trial upon legal causes only. They are infidelity, malicious abandonment, no information about the spouse being alive within three years, serious mental illness, and severe grounds disabling marriage to continue. The last reason is quite a vague one, meaning that any couple can get divorced by trial if they wish to.

Consider all the conditions, your financial possibilities, and preferences before you file for divorce in Japan. Better do research first and get the use of some good divorce tips to reduce money, time, and health waste.

Como se divorciar no japão

Japan Divorce Tips

Japanese divorce may be of no significant difference with American or European one, so the main point is to stay reasonable and follow the divorce procedure and local laws. Still, you can get the use of the following tips to guarantee the best possible outcomes:

  • Consider essential things before filing for divorce (family register, property division, financial issues, child custody, and support, etc.)
  • Consult a divorce specialist in any case, even if you get divorced by agreement. This way you will be sure that you make the right decision.
  • Don’t make any oral agreement. Write everything down and make it legit.
  • Many issues can be solved online, counting filling out the papers and filing for divorce. Check out such opportunities at your local authoritative office.

The list can go on and on depending on your divorce case and its peculiarities. Whether you get divorced in Japan by agreement or seek a divorce solution in a trial, it is strongly recommended to think thoroughly about everything. So, investigate all the opportunities and options, get a professional to help you, and get divorced or save your marriage to be happy and satisfied in the end.

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