What was sex like in feudal Japan?

Japan is well represented by historical and artistic works from the Feudal period also known as the Shogunate. Many of these works and representations blatantly exhibited sex. In this article, we will talk a little about what old sex was like in Japan.

This historical period of the Shogunate is associated with fierce samurai, elegant courtesans and an ever-present sense of formality in dress and culture. How did the Japanese view their sexual relations at the time?

Did Japan have sex rules?

During the Samurai Shogunate Periods they used to stay with 12 year old boys during official apprenticeships. Aristocratic men could have several wives and concubines, while women were attached to a husband.

Despite this, did Japan allow the Japanese to have freedom in their relationships? In feudal Japan, intimate life was influenced by social status. Usually a person's partner has always had a similar social background.

Low-class teenagers in feudal Japan were free to meet anyone they wanted, but upper-class young people had to follow strict rules about who could see and marry, or even about their intimate relationships.

What was sex like in feudal japan?

Homosexuality in feudal Japan

Something that happened in ancient Japan was when Buddhist monks slept with their young male students, who are teenagers. Buddhist monks generally give themselves openly to nanshoku regardless of age.

Monks also maintained open relationships with women. This 19th century impression documents the practice of pederasty in medieval monasteries. For those who do not know pederasty it is the relationship of an old man with a boy.

Feudal Japan had few taboos on homosexuality or bisexuality. In fact, relationships between men were sometimes idealized and celebrated, and relationships with women were considered spiritually draining for men.

In Buddhist temples, homosexual relations were rampant, and generally continued between experienced monks and acolytes whom they guided. Homosexuality also occurred openly in the armed forces.

What was sex like in feudal japan?

How did Japan's religions view sex?

Themselves Shinto from ancient Japan believe that the land was born from sex. There is a certain writing that says:

My body, formed by being formed, has a place that is formed in excess. Therefore, I would like to take that place in my body that is excessively formed and insert it in that place in your body that is insufficiently formed and thus give birth to the earth. 

Already in Buddhism there was a branch called Tachikawa-ryu known as the main sexual cult in Japan. According to the sect's beliefs, making love was a gateway to spiritual enlightenment, because sexual intercourse allowed the loss of self.

For Tachikawa-ryu Buddhists, doing the deed was an important part of spiritual and religious life. For them, it was more than just an ideal or symbol, it was “seen as good in itself, in addition to its role in procreation”. The Tachikawa-ryu creed also declared "the loss of self in the act could lead to the awakening of the spirit".

What was sex like in feudal japan?

The social hierarchy of women

Feudal Japan valued hierarchies and social ratings. This included women who sold themselves for money. Some brothels were specifically of the upper class, but even in sophisticated establishments, there was a social distinction.

There were middle class workers called yūjo, and other high-level certainties known as oiran, which is short for “oira no tokoro no nee-san”(“ The older sisters of our place ”).

The Oirans were well-trained artists and had surprisingly high social status. Potential customers used formal language with these courtesans and, in turn, these women wore elaborate clothing.

What was sex like in feudal japan?

Life was difficult for the pleasantries

High-level courtesans called oiran, who would later be called geishas, learned to dance, sing, paint, write haiku, write in calligraphy and how to carry out an appropriate tea ceremony, a lifestyle much coveted by women.

Unfortunately, many of these girls were forced to sleep with people for money. They owed big debts to their madams because of their expensive clothes and makeup. They worked several hours and had tiring training.

The notion and fate of a prostitute who lives in bondage for debts with madame and yakuza has permeated Japanese society and has become a film narrative to this day. This brought a distorted Western view that geishas are prostitutes and not artists.

The geisha's original intention was just to entertain visitors, even appealing to the sensual side. Nowadays, bars called snacks offerexactly a similar service, women making men drink and fall in love, without appealing to prostitution.

That was a little bit of what sex was like in Feudal Japan. I hope you enjoyed this short article, if you did, share it and leave your comments. Research source: Ranker

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