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Hi, this is Kevin from Suki Desu passing by to let you know about Amazon Prime Day!!! Suki Desu is a great partner of Amazon, and we always publish manga, novels and action figures on our website, today Amazon launched a special event in Brazil and wanted to share some offers.

Remembering that the offers are for Amazon Prime members. The Amazon subscription that costs 2 USD monthly or 90 reais annually that gives you access to Streaming Videos, Music, Books, Twitch and free shipping on Amazon. The best package for those who want to have series, music and discounts without having to subscribe to many expensive services like Netflix and Spotify.

If you are not yet a PRIME member, access the following link: 

Don't miss Amazon's Prime Day

As a PRIME member on the 13th and 14th you can buy Alexa Echo products at half price. We also have a launch smartphone of 1500 for 898 reais for Amazon Prime members. Upon entering Amazon you will see thousands of other products on offer.

Below you will find several products on offer, but the price that is listed below is the price without discount. So we recommend logging in to see the actual price. Offers range from 40% to 70% off! (Example: Echo Dot, 250 for regular members and 199 for Prime).

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