Social Pressure in Japan - The biggest cause of problems


Have you ever wondered why Japan has such a high suicide rate? Or because they work too hard? Or why is there bullying? Why are there social classes and sometimes prejudice between them? A large part of the cause of these events is due to social pressure in Japan. Do you know what social pressure is? They are movements, events and situations promoted by a group of people where you feel forced, intimidated or pressured to do things without being a specific law.

One of Japan's greatest social pressures is to be successful in life. Japanese people want to get high marks, like to be dedicated, to be a good person, to have a good job, higher education, a family, etc. Sometimes the pressure to have these things is so great that it results in suicide, evaporations and people who do not leave the room in fear of society (hikikomori).

Another very common social pressure is to dedicate yourself to work. Sometimes many feel compelled to stay on duty and work overtime even though it is not necessary. Pressure is one of the biggest culprits for the Japanese fame for being addicted to work. The social pressure is great mainly at work and in schools.

Pressão social no japão – a maior causa dos problemas


Why do Japanese yield to social pressure?

Social pressure can be expressed directly and indirectly. Those who refuse to follow society end up being excluded and suffering bullying. Another major culprit of social pressure is the famous shyness of the Japanese. Many want to express their opinion or follow their own desire, but their shyness ends up making them ashamed to go against society's desire or to be excluded for it.

Others, however, cannot stand the social pressure and end up committing suicide. The shame (result of shyness) of failing in something in life, such as college entrance exam, job and family, ends up making the person give up on life. Some go against the desire of society, end up not taking the pressure and kill themselves simply for that.

On the other hand, the Japanese are somewhat reserved and mind their own business. So you don't usually feel pressure on topics like fashion, religion, music and things related to the person's tastes and personal life. Sometimes the pressure doesn't even exist or it is most of the time, indirectly, but the Japanese feel like failures if they don't do what is well regarded in society.

While many think that the Japanese are honest, kind, hospitable of their own accord, the reality is that some are under social pressure to be so. Education in Japan is taught from an early age, and those who do not continue to be excluded from society. Social pressure even affects the decrease in crimes, the majority stealing on the contrary as opposed to the armed hand in Brazil. The pressure also makes people dedicate themselves to studying, cleaning and taking good care of the people around them.

Pressão social no japão – a maior causa dos problemas


Say no to social pressure in Japan

It doesn't matter if you are a foreigner or Japanese, or if you live in Japan or Brazil, you will always suffer some kind of social pressure! Nowadays people are pressured to do wrong things, they are pressured and give up on their dreams or to pursue a career that the person may not even want. I see that several Brazilians who live in Japan suffer social pressure and are unable to get out of the bubble of society.

They let themselves be carried away by comments, ideas and suggestions from other people and find it impossible to follow a path different from the standard that society has defined. These people need to stop caring about others' opinions, suggestions or pressure. I know it's not easy to resist the pressure, I was under a lot of pressure to go to college, buy a car, get a job. While I always wanted to work online and suffered a lot of pressure because of that, if I had given in, I probably wouldn't have realized my dreams.

Fighting social pressure is not easy, giving in can also be very harmful. This is a constant struggle that people do in Japan and in the world, some seek psychologists (something rare in Japan), others believe that the best way to avoid pressure from certain people is to surround yourself with people who make you comfortable and do not pressure. Ending shyness, being positive and learning to say cannot be one of the great steps to not be part of this capitalist and oppressive society. Have your own opinion and desire and do not follow the rules imposed by society that will harm you! Have you ever suffered any pressure in Japan? I would be happy if I can share with others in the comments below.