How to say "Fuck you" in Japanese?

How to say Fuck you in Japanese? I wonder if in Japan there are slang and swear words equivalent to fuck or fuck? What do these equivalent words mean? Is there a literal translation?

When learning a foreign language, it is important to be aware of these expressions, not only to avoid them, but also to understand the cultural context and nuances of informal conversations. In this article, we'll discuss how to say "Fuck you" in Japanese and the cultural implications behind using vulgar language.

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Japanese people don't say "Fuck you"

The cultural context changes a lot from one language to another, in Japan there is no expression similar to fuck you with the same meaning. It is not so common to use expressions with sexual connotations in the Japanese language, although they exist.

Whenever you ask people, search the internet or even ask an artificial intelligence, the equivalent of “fuck you” in Japanese, your answers will be words that have no sexual connotation.

Despite not having a direct sexual connotation, the word can be as offensive as "fuck" in other countries. The equivalent words for fuck you in Japanese are:

ふざける (fuzakeru)

The word "ふざける" (fuzakeru) is a Japanese verb meaning "play", "joke" or "cheat". However, when used in a context of frustration or irritation, it can have a meaning closer to "fuck you" or "fucking".

For example, if someone is irritated by someone else's childish behavior, they might say "ふざけるな" (fuzakeru na). While not as offensive as "fuck you", it is a harsh expression and is considered rude if used in formal situations or with people you don't know well.

くそ (kuso)

The word "くそ" (kuso) literally means "excrement" and is used as an expression of frustration, irritation, or disgust. It can be compared to words like "drug" or "shit".

While not an exact translation of "fuck off" or "fucking", it can be used to express similar emotions in some contexts. For example, if someone is frustrated with a situation, they might exclaim "くそ!" (kuso!).

How to say "fuck" in Japanese?

くたばれ (kutabare)

The verb "くたばれ" (kutabare) is a crude and offensive Japanese expression that can be translated as "drop dead" or "go to hell". This word is used to express hostility, contempt, or intense irritation towards someone.

The word "くたばれ" (kutabare) is an imperative form of the verb "くたばる" (kutabaru), which means "to die" or "to succumb" in Japanese. However, it is important to note that the imperative form "kutabare" has a much more negative and hostile connotation than the original verb "kutabaru".

Eat shit

The word "糞食らえ" (kuso kurae) can be translated as "eat shit" or "screw you". This phrase is used to express anger, contempt, or intense irritation towards someone.

The word "糞食らえ" (kuso kurae) is composed of two parts which are 糞 (kuso) meaning "excrement" or "shit" and 食らえ (kurae): meaning "to eat" or "to swallow". The imperative form is used to give direct orders or instructions and may be considered harsh or aggressive

やばい (yabai)

The word "やばい" (yabai) is Japanese slang used to express a wide range of emotions, from excitement and admiration to concern and danger. Depending on context and intonation, it can be translated as "amazing", "fantastic" or "badass", but it can also mean "dangerous" or "troublesome".

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Japanese Slang - guide with the most used in Japan

The Verb "Fuck" in Japanese

Although it is not common as slang in Japan to use this word with sexual connotation, there is a Japanese word that can be translated as fuck or fuck. See some:

ハメハメ / ハメる

The Japanese expression "Hamehame" (ハメハメ) can be translated as fuck and derives from the verb "Hameru" (嵌める) which means to fit, stick, put inside.

If written in Katakana, this verb refers to the sexual act, it is a vulgar and quite colloquial slang. Both words are frequent in the world of adult manga and anime.

The repetition of the verb refers to the act of fitting together repeating itself, but it is common in the Japanese language to repeat words for emphasis, looking a lot like an onomatopoeia.

パコる (pakoru)

"パコる" (pakoru) is Japanese slang for "having sex" or "getting laid". This word is quite informal and can be considered vulgar. As a slang term, it may not be understood by all Japanese speakers, especially those unfamiliar with colloquial jargon.

犯る (yaru)

犯る (yaru) is a Japanese verb with multiple meanings depending on the context. Some possible translations include "do", "perform", "give", or "accomplish". Although "yaru" can be used in neutral and harmless contexts to describe various actions, in some cases it can have sexual connotations.

When used with a sexual connotation, "犯る" (yaru) can mean "to have sex" or "to have sex", similar to "パコる" (pakoru). However, "yaru" is considered slightly less vulgar than "pakoru".

Be careful, as the same ideograms can be used to write the verb "犯る" (okasu) which means "violate" or "sexually abuse". This word has a very negative connotation and is used to describe criminal and violent acts.

エッチしよう (ecchi shiyou)

"エッチしよう" (ecchi shiyou) is a Japanese phrase that can be translated as "Let's have sex" or "Let's engage in erotic activities". This expression is composed of two parts: "エッチ" (ecchi) which means sex, something obscene and "しよう" (shiyou) which means "let's do it".

How to say "fuck" in Japanese?

Derivatives of English

In Japanese, many words and expressions were imported from other languages, mainly from English. These words are usually written in katakana, one of the Japanese syllabaries used mainly for foreign words.

However, it is important to note that Japanese people tend to avoid using explicit swear words, especially those imported from English. These swearwords are:

  • Fuck You
  • ファッキン [Fucking] (Could be scream chicken restaurant)

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