Japan's year-round temperature estimate (monthly)

Are you going to travel to Japan and want to know which months of the year have the most pleasant temperature for you? In this article, we will share a list of monthly temperature estimates throughout the year and in different regions of Japan.

Japan is one of the few countries that follows the famous 4 seasons calendar which is defined as follows:

  • Winter - December February
  • Spring - March may
  • Summer - June August
  • Autumn - September - November

Japan temperature table by month

months Normal High Low Precipitation
January 5.2°C 9.5°C 1.2°C 4
February 5.6°C 9.7°C 1.7°C 6
March 8.5°C 12.7°C 4.4°C 8
April 14.1°C 18.3°C 10.0°C 10
May 18.6°C 22.8°C 14.8°C 9
June 21.7°C 25.2°C 18.6°C 12
July 25.2°C 28.8°C 22.3°C 10
August 27.1°C 30.9°C 24.0°C 8
September 23.2°C 26.7°C 20.2°C 10
October 17.6°C 21.2°C 14.2°C 8
November 12.6°C 16.6°C 8.9°C 6
December 7.9°C 12.1°C 3.9°C 3

When searching on the internet I found these estimates, but it is worth remembering that it is very common for the temperature on several days in the summer to exceed 40 degrees and in the winter it goes into negative degrees.

The table shown above is from Tokyo. There are several factors that can influence the rise or fall of temperature. See below for other tables of the far north and far south of Japan.

Estimate of Japan's temperature throughout the year (monthly)

The table below shows the Climate of Northern Japan – Sapporo/Hokkaido

months Normal High Low Precipitation
January -4.6-°-c -1.1-°-c -8.4-°-c 16
February -4.0-°-c -0.5-°-c -8.0-°-c 14
March -0.1-°-c 3.5°C -3.9-°-c 13
April 6.4°C 11.1°C 2.2°C 8
May 12.0°C 17.3°C 7.4°C 8
June 16.1°C 21.2°C 12.0°C 7
July 20.2°C 24.8°C 16.6°C 8
August 21.7°C 26.1°C 18.2°C 9
September 17.2°C 21.8°C 12.9°C 10
October 10.8°C 15.7°C 6.0°C 12
November 4.3°C 8.2°C 0.5°C 12
December -1.4-°-c 2.0°C -4.9-°-c 15

Estimate of Japan's temperature throughout the year (monthly)

The table below shows the climate of Southern Japan - Okinawa

months Normal High Low Precipitation
January 16.0°C 18.6°C 13.6°C 10
February 16.3°C 19.0°C 13.9°C 10
March 18.1°C 20.8°C 15.6°C 11
April 21.1°C 23.9°C 18.6°C 9
May 23.8°C 26.5°C 21.5°C 11
June 26.2°C 28.8°C 24.2°C 11
July 28.3°C 31.1°C 26.1°C 9
August 28.1°C 30.7°C 25.8°C 13
September 27.2°C 29.9°C 25.0°C 10
October 24.5°C 27.2°C 22.3°C 8
November 21.4°C 24.0°C 19.1°C 8
December 18.0°C 20.6°C 15.7°C 9

Research sources for these Japan temperature estimates came from yr.no and holiday-weather.com if you want to track from a specific city or region, there you find all the information. Hope you enjoyed the article! Thanks!

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