Criminal Minds - Cases in Japan

The attack in Japan shocked the world (no doubt), former 26-year-old Satoshi Uematsu killed 15 people and wounded 45.

Despite having few crimes, we can say that these crimes are considered absurd, high level. Because of the treatment of parents, culture, issue of honor that applies in the country, etc.


We can say that Japan is not prepared for crime. Even the police rarely use weapons or fight criminals. In other words, if even the police are not “prepared” for heinous crimes, imagine the Japanese population.

Some cases

Junko Furuta case:

The case occurred between November 1988 and January 1989. Four boys, including Jō Kamisaku, then 17 years old (Kamisaku was a new surname he adopted after being released from prison), kidnapped and held him in captivity, a third-grade student. high school year, for 44 days. The Japanese girl, Furuta Junko (古田順子), 17 at the time, was kidnapped, held captive, raped, tortured and brutally murdered.


Nevada-tan and junko

Nevada-Tan case: The little Japanese assassin

In 2004, a cruel crime terrified Japan. The coldness with which an 11-year-old girl took the life of another 12-year-old girl ended up calling the attention of the world to this case, where the neglect of bullying suffered by the murderer contributed to its attitude. Natsumi has an inseparable friend named Satomi Mitarai, who is 12 years old. The two had been friends for several years and were always seen together, but fate wanted the friendship to turn to hate, thanks to a discussion about popularity.

The little murderer was tried on September 15, 2004 and sentenced to 9 years in hospital in the reformatory.
Natsumi Tsuji took her classmate Satomi Mitarai to an empty classroom. He blindfolded his eyes with the excuse that he wanted to play a game with her. With her old friend blindfolded, and without another word, Natsumi threw Satomi in cold blood with her stylus.


Some killers and their numbers

  • Jonathan Nakada Ludeña - Peruvian Killed 6 people (a couple, two children and the mother and another elderly woman);
  • Mamoru Takuma - killed 8 people (8 children in a primary school);
  • Tsutomu Miyazaki - Killed 4 people (4 girls aged between four to seven years old);
  • Issei Sagawa - Case The Japanese Cannibal ”, killed the Dutch Renée Hartevelt;

Although crimes in Japan are very rare to occur, we must remember that rare can also be dangerous.

Article written by: Leo Sadao