Brazil or Japan? Where to escape?

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There are 2 groups of people who discuss this subject, there is a large part that constantly complains about Brazil, and another part that is not satisfied with working in Japan or with how the country works. Of course, Japan is ahead in thousands of things, such as technology and economy, while Brazil has a huge reputation for corruption and violence, but that is no reason to say that one is better than the other.

In this article I don't want to favor any of the countries, we will see points that disfavor each country to show that there is currently no way to escape the difficulties that we expect in the future terrible. It is simply up to the personal decision of where it is best to be.


Japan is one of the countries with the lowest crime and violence rates in the world, with only 3 firearm deaths per year, and a very low rate of theft. This is a great choice for those who want to carry expensive cell phones and leave the house without fear of being shot. On the other hand, we have Brazil, a country where there are more than 5 deaths with firearms per hour, and it has a high rate of robberies, violence and traffic accidents caused by the recklessness of drivers.

But are we really safe in Japan? A country full of earthquakes, volcanoes, typhoons that can cause tsunamis and hurricanes? Not to mention the radiation that is being spread thanks to the Fukushima power plants.

We should not do like some Brazilians and generalize. Many Brazilians who have no understanding of Japan think that there are earthquakes that open the ground and kill people every day. (kkkk) In the last 10 years we had only 1 fatal earthquake, and the culprit of the deaths was the tsunami that killed just over 30,000 people.

The only problem is that we don't know tomorrow, and anything can happen, like: volcanoes exploding and tsunami coming. So the tip is, stay away from the sea. On the other hand, Japan is quite prepared for natural disasters, and if there is an earthquake in Brazil, nothing is left standing. Translation: Earthquakes are a minimal problem in Japan, but as we don't know tomorrow, the unknown may come.

Work and education

the education of Brazil is terrible, both in schools and in society. You have to adapt and live in a place where swearing and slang with sexual connotations is normal and legal, and be very careful, because no one follows any laws, both in traffic and in keeping your city organized and clean. Not to mention people's lack of temper, where they get nervous and cause trouble for each other.

Now about Work? There are thousands of holidays, you can work at your slow pace, but you have to make do with low pay and the high cost of things. Not to mention the huge unemployment rate that is present in the country. Inequality is greater, since in Brazil it's every man for himself. Some work themselves to death to earn little, others do not work and earn a fortune.

Education in Japan? It's so big that you can even be scared, the Japanese are extremely polite, they talk thinking about the other person. Of course, like any country, there will be cases of prejudice. This even happens among the Japanese themselves, due to the various social and economic hierarchies. Another problem in Japanese schools is the bully (Ijime) that happens among the Japanese, and it can happen even more if you are a foreigner.

Now about Work in Japan? In Japan, there is no shortage of jobs. however, if you don't have a training or knowledge of the Language, the best you can do is work in factories for at least 10 hours a day. Despite the high salary, be prepared to do the same thing every day and have little time to enjoy life.

Social life and leisure

Many think that the Japanese don't have fun. Anyone who studies Japan knows that there are endless ways to enjoy life in Japan, there are so many varieties of things to do, explore and see. However, leisure is not always happiness, the Japanese suffer with their social lives due to their shyness, lack of time and other problems.

They even have social problems among themselves, and they will have even more with foreigners. But don't think it's hard to have a social life in Japan, if you put in the effort, have knowledge of the language, go after it, you'll have great true friendships. And about leisure, if you have money, you will never be bored in Japan, but be prepared to follow rules, and have a different lifestyle from Brazilians.

Brazil is famous for its great freedom, and it also has a huge variety of leisure and fun, many prefer the way Brazilians have fun, but this brings both social and mental harm. People who go beyond the limits, end up harming others and even themselves in a physical or psychological sense.

Now the social life among Brazilians is great, they have great relationships and friendships, conversion a lot, they have a different way of expressing themselves, which attracts foreigners from all over the world to get to know this Brazilian way. but this has been slowly deteriorating, and becoming fatal. It's getting harder and harder to trust people, or make jokes, as some people take it seriously and do terrible things for it. That good morning we hear from people on the street is over.

other points

Of course, we did not address important points such as the environment. Japan, despite being small, does not have only buildings as people think, but Brazil is full of space with plantations and trees that bring unique foods and a tropical climate for everyone. In Brazil you can eat fruit until you get sick while in Japan you will have to pay a little.

Apart from that, a fatal point is Brazilian politics, the main responsible for sinking Brazil and its culture. It's too late to say that Brazil will change, in the same way we can't say that Japan or any other country in the world will improve, the tendency is only to get worse, as humanity ignores small problems that are the cause of everything.


There is no country better or worse than the other, there are points of view. As much as I love Japan and its culture, and as much as I hate the Brazilian way of life (Slang, swearing, attitude and politeness), I intend to settle down close to my family and I don't intend to kill myself working in factories. in Japan. Of course, if opportunities arise, I'll go live in Japan or in other countries that I like like Canada or some in Europe.

The important thing is not to worry about it, all countries have problems, and the conditions of the land and man, as much as you want to ignore them. It will get worse and worse. Not to mention that the Unforeseen comes to everyone, don't keep dreaming about things that can change drastically. So don't complain about any country or keep saying that one is better than the other. Of course, you can love a country and speak well of it, as I do with Japan.

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