Record number of foreign visitors to Japan in April

The number of foreigners in Japan in April hit a record 1.765 million people.  The number was 43.3% higher than last year said the National Tourism Organization

The total number of visitors to Japan since the beginning of the year, to date, is 5.9 million people.

By country, the largest number came from China with 404,000 people, an increase of 110% over 2014. Followed by Taiwan with 335.1 thousand. Visitors from Thailand, South Korea, Hong Kong and the United States also increased.

Tourism officials attribute the rise in tourism numbers because of the yen value, but we note that the visa and travel facility is great for Southeast Asia.


In addition to Tokyo, Kyoto remains one of the best options for tourists and with excellent accessibility. Okinawa also has about 1 million foreign visitors a year. One of the vital roles to attract tourists is the great Mount Fuji that spreads beauty across the country.