Best Online Drawing Courses - Manga, Illustration, Comics


In this article, we will present a list of the best online drawing courses on the internet. Quality courses that will help you and teach you how to draw any type of drawing, painting, manga, illustration or art.

All the courses mentioned in this article promise to teach you how to draw even without any gift. Even because this gift business does not exist, everything depends on your determination, patience and dedication to make your dream come true.

There are many course options, and they all look attractive, so choose the option you like best. Fortunately all the courses mentioned below are on the secure platform and offer a refund option if you are dissatisfied.

Thiago Spyked's How to Draw Course

One of the most complete current design courses on the internet. It is taught by Thiago Spyked and focuses mainly on the creation of comics and manga. There are more than 6 modules and more than 8 bonuses.


There are more than 50 complete classes specifically teaching each design process. The bonuses talk about drawing faculty, working with drawings, finding drawing materials, how much to charge for drawings, career, anxiety and even depression.

You will learn in detail about light and shadow, human anatomy, digital drawing, perspective and character creation. For example, in a module you will learn biotypes, ethnicities, faces, clothes, folds, armor, accessories, powers, elements, psychological aspects of the protagonists and much more.

Melhores cursos de desenho online - artístico, manga, ilustração

Mayara Rodrigues Fan Art Method

This is one of the most popular courses on the internet, we have talked about this course here on the site several times. Its price is very cheap and the method taught helps you to learn to draw mainly manga and anime characters.

The course teaches you how to draw from scratch and even color your drawings. There are more than 4 complete course modules with bonuses and extras. The course also has many references and tips to improve your independence.

Melhores cursos de desenho online - artístico, manga, ilustração

How to draw better

The How to Draw Better course is taught by Anderson Silva, owner of the Sketchs and Arts channel, where he posts various anime and manga drawing tips and videos. There are 5 modules that will teach you how to draw from scratch + some traditional bonuses.


The first module is focused on beginning designers, the second teaches the anatomy of faces and expressions, the third talks about the structures of the eyes, the fourth module talks about the general anatomy ending with a fifth module on the hands and feet.

The bonus will teach you how to color your drawings. Anderson Silva is optimistic and believes that he will transform the course to draw better into the biggest competitor of the Fan Art Method and one of the best courses in Brazil. Can he do it?

Melhores cursos de desenho online - artístico, manga, ilustração

Online course kero draw

The Kero Draw course is supported by Ark Studios and is taught by Rafael Dourado specializing in comics and animations. The course has several modules that teach you how to draw just like the other courses in this article.

One of its differentials is the finishing with Nanjing, where you will learn the technique of drawing with pen and ink. In the course you will also learn how to draw Chibi characters.

Melhores cursos de desenho online - artístico, manga, ilustração

Course how to draw anime

The anime drawing course is taught by Cleydson Moriake and focuses on the creation and design of Japanese anime and manga. Unfortunately the course does not focus much on animation and frames, but the goal is to teach you how to draw characters and anime.

In this course you will learn about how to sketch a face, draw eyes, movement, hair, expressions, male and female anatomy, hands and feet, background, grid and how to color correctly.

Melhores cursos de desenho online - artístico, manga, ilustração

Drawing tutorial tutorial comics

As the name suggests, this course is focused on comics or comics. The course is taught by Márcio Fernandes, who has been a drawing teacher since 2002. By the end of the course, he promises to make you draw your favorite comic book characters.

Focused on comic characters, you will learn throughout the classes to draw the anatomy of the characters, their poses and angles, body proportions, movement and composition of the art.

Melhores cursos de desenho online - artístico, manga, ilustração

Caricature Courses Caricaturbo

The company Caricaturbo took 2 courses focused on creating and editing cartoons for commerce. You will learn not only how to make cartoons but how to print them and things and use these cartoons to make money.

The difference of the courses is in their objective. The first is cheaper and focused on the public that wants to learn the basics, while the premium course is a little more expensive but has a more commercial and profitable objective.

Melhores cursos de desenho online - artístico, manga, ilustração

Udemy drawing courses

The difference between Udemy courses is their cheap prices, but courses tend to be more basic and simple, without effective techniques or tips. Many teachers use Udemy courses as a means of publicizing their other, more expensive course.


Still, we will leave a list of drawing courses available on Udemy. You may find a specific area that you don't find in other online courses that are coming and going.


Books that teach how to draw

Finally, we will also share some books and magazines that teach you how to draw. You may prefer to study at home through a book or magazine. The books are available on Amazon, the largest store in the world.

These were the online drawing, manga and animation courses that we shared for you. I hope you make your choice wisely.