Children go to and from schools alone in Japan! Because?

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Japan is considered one of the safest countries in the world, and no wonder. It has low rates of murder, robberies, rapes and others, except for the high suicide rate, which is not even that high.

It is clear that Japan is not free from any act that goes against the laws, however, it is true to say that rarely a tourist or resident will experience embarrassment there.

And because of this and other factors, children go to and from school alone at age 6, it seems like a small age, but throughout this article you will see the benefits of this practice.

What is the reason?

In addition to the security that the country offers, the most plausible and recognized reason is to create responsibility in children from an early age.

Japanese parents prepare their children to become independent. They teach you what you need to live. And so, they believe that the children will be prepared to live in the world on their own.

Do not think that Japanese parents are irresponsible or that they are unnatural parents, since in Japan almost all children have this habit. Of course, Japanese children have the awareness and independence they need from an early age.


When children enter elementary school, at 6/7 years old, they walk to school. This in small groups of no more than 8 children. No parent takes them by car, rain, shine or snow, all children walk to and from. They are always supervised by a volunteer adult who is usually at the busiest intersections, helping and guiding children to cross the streets.

The purpose of this tradition is to prepare children to walk alone on the streets and learn the rules of the road. Also making drivers be careful and reduce speed at school entry and exit times.

Inside the school, children learn to cook, sew and other household chores, and are also responsible for cleaning the school. Each group of students being responsible for some sector. Some of the tasks: cleaning the classroom, bathrooms, hallways, activity room, taking care of the vegetable garden and also the animal nurseries.

What are the benefits for the city and also for the country?

The benefits are diverse and important for the country. As mentioned above, it creates responsibility in children, it also makes them better adults, teaches them how to walk the streets, the care they should have alone and much more.


In addition, it is also very useful and important for Japan's economy.

Thanks to these children, the subways are practically full, it is not like Brazil, where it is always full and without space. Clearly, many Japanese parents will prefer to place their children in schools close to their neighborhood, but not a few study far away from home. The subway gains a lot from this, so they will always be able to improve every day.

Another thing, the traffic. In Brazil and in other countries, it is quite common for parents to take their children by car, causing great “riot”.

And in Japan, many neighborhoods and cities function as metropolises, so children going alone helps a lot. Do you know why? Sounds pretty logical, but let's say it anyway. For example, imagine Tokyo, a crowded and bustling city. So it would be a big problem if thousands of cars pass there daily, it would cause inconvenience and frustration for many drivers. And nobody wants that, right? In other words, one more point for children to go to schools.

And unlike in many countries, these children are taught to trust anyone on the street. As a motto, “No matter who it is, this person will help me”.

What are the dangers?

Not everything is flowers. This sentence also applies to this act.


stalker- We've talked about stalker's before, but if you don't know, a stalker is a person who stalks another person, either for personal reasons or for complex reasons. Unfortunately, children are not free from this act. I didn't find any concrete case, but it is a fact that Japan is not free from this practice.

The stalker can have several objects, such as abuse, kidnapping, killing the victim, chasing her. Sometimes it could be someone close or who was once close to you.

Lolicon- The Lolicons… For those who don't know, lolicon is the person who has a complex or affection for anime characters (waifu in some cases), especially for the well-known "lolis" or even for real children.

lost children- It's not difficult to happen, anyone can get lost along the way, no matter the reasons. As we've seen, noble children won't be afraid to question a stranger about something, but don't lie, parents should break a sweat if that happens, what about you?

Several other dangers can happen like accidents and anything else, anything is possible. There's no way to avoid the inevitable.

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