Tools for Otakus to create their own manga


Are you an Otaku? If you're an ardent fan of comic books like Vagabond, Evangelion, Akira and Alita Battle Angel, then the answer is yes. Otakus are those fans of mangaes, the comic books produced in the East.

The term otaku comes from Japanese and designates people of both sexes, of any age, who demonstrate a vast knowledge of manga characters and narratives. In other words, the Otakus are the Geeks of the land of the rising sun.

Like the Geeks in the West, the Otakus, because they appreciate these stories of fantasy and science fiction so much, can be interested in the art of drawing and thus create their own stories.

Ferramentas para os otakus criarem seu próprio mangá

Nowadays, thanks to the internet, anyone who wants a space to disseminate and publish their own manga and drawings, can create a blog, even more so that platforms, such as WordPress, are intuitive and full of resources.


And to give your project a very professional look, it is also worth investing in a domain name and good website hosting.

The production of mangaes

Manga, Japanese comics, have some distinctions in relation to the material produced in the West. The first detail that strikes the eye are the features of the characters' faces.

A typical character in a manga has a triangular face, small nose and large eyes. In fact, the bulging eyes are not there by chance. It is through the look of the characters that the artist gives expressiveness that they present at the moment.

Ferramentas para os otakus criarem seu próprio mangá

The Brazilian public started to look at manga with affection in the 80s thanks to tokusatsus, which were those live action series starring heroes like Jaspion and the whole gang that embarked here via the extinct broadcaster Manchete.

In the 90s, with the popularization of works such as Akira, Ghost in the Shell and Os Cavaleiros do Zodíaco, manga has gained more space among Brazilian readers.


At that time these Japanese heroes clashed head-on with the "all powerful" characters from Marvel and DC. It was not long before the fascination with manga produced Brazilian otakus.

Elements and tools for the production of mangaes

When a particular artistic expression falls into popular taste, it is normal for artists interested in producing their works to appear.

Ferramentas para os otakus criarem seu próprio mangá

The ingredients for producing good manga consist of a little talent and high amounts of dedication and study. It is necessary to constantly practice and research drawing techniques. The internet, for example, is a territory full of tips on the subject.

And since we talk about technologies that help in the dissemination of this art, aspiring artists can also find some tools that allow the creation and layout of manga. Let's see what they are?

Medibang Paint

It is a free and compatible application for both desktops and mobile devices. Medibang Paint is intuitive and brings several features that will assist the artist in creating his own manga.


Some of these resources are colored brushes, different fonts and ready backgrounds to facilitate the design of the scenarios.

One of the advantages of this software is that it allows page control, as well as the possibility of working in layers.

Jump Paint

There is an application that Otakus will love. It is also free, intuitive and is still compatible for desktop, smartphones and tablets.

Because it is intuitive, it is recommended for otakus still new to the art of drawing, but it also has advanced features that can be a dream for even the most experienced artists.

Ferramentas para os otakus criarem seu próprio mangá

Among some benefits offered by Jump Paint it is worth highlighting the quantities of layers and various shades of color. It is available in several languages, including Japanese and Portuguese.


Another advantage of Jump Paint is that it also includes tutorials. In this way, the user can practice creating sketches, finalizing drawings and coloring techniques.


“Name” is a Japanese term that refers to the sketches of the manga. Therefore, MangaName is an application designed for designing sketches.

Among the features that this application presents, the user will find various types of pens and erasers. It is intuitive and great for drawing practice.

Ferramentas para os otakus criarem seu próprio mangá

When using this tool, the mangaka - artist who produces manga - is able to manage the number of pages, define the position of the characters and stipulate various angles of the pictures.


It is not just today that manga is successful all over the world, becoming works that inspire several other media. Note the number of films, games and cartoons that are adaptations of manga.

So much fascination for this format is obvious that it would generate a legion of fans and artists who are eager to showcase their works.

Therefore, in view of the evolution of digital software, otakus have tools to create and disseminate their own manga.