Learn to draw and make your manga or comics

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Over time I realize that many Suki Desu readers are very interested in learning to draw anime and manga characters. Many visitors purchased Mayara Rodrigues drawing course, and many had a positive experience. It's just that Mayara's course is a bit limited when it comes to making her own manga and comic books.

I was happy to hear that the website team Heroes on Paper created a course focused not only on teaching anyone with no experience to draw, but the main objective is to help you create your own manga or comic book. Whether Japanese or American style drawings, you will learn to do everything and not just characters.

For those who don't know the site Heroes on Paper, it is a directory of manga and comics made for Brazilians. When accessing this site you will find several works of Brazilian origin to read. This shows the strength of our market of artists, screenwriters and designers in Brazil. In addition, the site offers many tips for designers.

Learn to draw and make your manga or comics

The objective of the Heróis no Papel team is to increase the number of Brazilians who create their own works. That's why they took a course to increase the number of Brazilian comic strip artists and mangaka under the name of: ”Learning to Draw from Basics to Creating Your First Comic Book”

Learning to Draw Your First Comic Book

The course promises to teach anyone how to draw, even if they don't know how to make sticks. He will also guide the person to create their own comic book or manga. The course Learning to Draw from Basics to creating your first comic book is divided into 05 modules and 06 bonuses. My friend Junior on the team still says more content is being made to add value and help people.

The course starts very simple teaching about fshapes and exercises for you to gain the ability to draw. It's worth remembering that anyone can be able to draw, but don't think it's going to be something simple, it requires dedication! Surely the team of designers that Heroes on Paper gathered to create this course will teach you all the necessary techniques.

Learn to draw and make your manga or comics

In the second module of the course you will learn to draw the characters and get a good feel for human anatomy. You will be able to draw the face and make poses which is often one of the most complicated things for those trying to draw their manga and anime characters.

In the third module, you will be able to design scenarios and characters together in one place. In the other modules you will give the final art to your work and learn to create the stories, layouts, balloons, texts, onomatopoeias, effects and everything to finally create your first comic book.

Course bonuses include 6 digital books on the themes: 

  • Techniques and tips on How to create your fan art step by step;
  • Drawing course for beginners: How to create your first comic;
  • Creating a comic (measurements, page layout);
  • Learn to Do: “Creation of scripts and characters for comics”;
  • Drawing course for beginners with tips and exercises;
  • Poses for inspiration;

What do I need to learn to draw manga?

It is logical that for you to be able to create your comic book, you will need to dedicate yourself a lot to learning to draw. For this reason, the course on the Heróis no Papel website will guide you along that path! To know all the details of this great paper Heroes project, access the link below:

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