Anya's Facial Expressions from Spy x Family

Looking for all the facial expressions Anya made that became a meme on the internet? Looking for stickers to add on Whatsapp or other social networks? See all the faces Anya from Spy x Family made in this article.

Throughout the Spy x Family anime and manga, we've come across countless iconic Anya faces, each crazier than the next. The mangaka's creativity in crafting all these facial expressions is incredible.

See in this article Anya's main facial expressions, a ranking of the best faces according to the Japanese, and some related Spy x Family products.

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Who is Anya from Spy x Family?

Anya is the main character of Spy x Family. She is an orphan, taken in and trained by the world-renowned spy, Twilight. Her highlight is the power to read minds, creating several funny situations in the series.

As a child, Anya makes decisions and attitudes that make everyone who watches die laughing. Despite the great power, his intelligence is not very great. Your goal is to approach a boy in high school to solve a World Peace problem.

In addition to the funny facial expressions, Anya also has a funny way of talking. Even viewers who don't know Japanese, can sympathize and notice the difference in the accent and when she says peanuts.

Anya's Funny Faces

Below are some iconic faces that appeared in the Spy x Family Anime and Manga:

- tatsuya endo – all works up to spy x family
Facial expressions of Anya from Spy x Family
Facial expressions of Anya from Spy x Family
Facial expressions of Anya from Spy x Family
Facial expressions of Anya from Spy x Family
Facial expressions of Anya from Spy x Family
Facial expressions of Anya from Spy x Family
In the manga we also have funny facial expressions

How do you say, Facial Expressions in Japanese?

To refer to Anya's grimaces and facial expressions, you may need to learn a little Japanese, it will help you Google Images for some photos of faces unique to Japan.

Face in Japanese is kao [顔] which can also refer to look, expression and countenance. We can use men [面] to refer to a type of face or facial expression, it is usually used for masks.

Other common terms are:

  • Facial expression Facial expression, countenance;
  • Meiro [目色] - Maze [目色] Facial Expression (lit. eye color);
  • Kaogei [顔芸] - Facial expression art make funny faces
  • Emi [笑] - Laugh Smile;

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Anya's Best Faces Ranking

The success of Spy x Family in the West is mainly due to Anime, but even before that, in March 2020, a poll was held to identify Anya's best faces in the manga, see the result:

As expected, first we have the famous grimace called yoyuunoemi [余裕の笑み] which can be translated as relaxed smile. The rest of the ranking can be seen in the image and table below:

Facial expressions of Anya from Spy x Family
Facial expressions of Anya from Spy x Family
Facial expressions of Anya from Spy x Family
2ごめんなさい・・・!excuse me···!
3てすとはかんぺき!The test is perfect!
4ちちもははもてん!Father and mother!
5かっこいいうそつきcool liar
6アーニャやくにたった!Anya was fast!
7せかいおわった!!The world ended! 🇧🇷
8かわいい?かわいい?cute? cute?
9せかいをすくうreap the world
12わくわくっ!!Cheered up! 🇧🇷
13どーん!!Wow! 🇧🇷
14とっくんのせいか!Tokun's fault!
15ろっこつおられる!?Rokkotsuru! 🇧🇷
16はじめましてちちnice to meet you
17かくせんそう・・・?Is it hidden...?
18アーニャこれすきAny I like it
19ぷらんぞっこう!Plan Zokkou!
20ぺんぎんだー!!Penguin! 🇧🇷
21じなんにむねやけmy chest burns
22おーきーどーきー!Okay Doky!
23いいしごとした!Good job!
24アーニャおちた・・・?Did Anya fall...?
25アーニャはんせい・・・Anya Hansei...
26“すたーらいとアーニャ““Starlight and Anya”
28こんかつてつだうComing soon
29たくされた!!It's been a long time! 🇧🇷
30モジャモジャてつだえmessy train
31アーニャかわいい?Anya cute?
33アーニャいまいそがしいAnya is busy
34すぱいどうぐにわくわくExciting Spidey Tool
35ひっさつのぱんちを・・・!!Deadly Punch...! !
36とりあえずほどけuntie for now
37アーニャおとな!?Adult Anya! 🇧🇷
38おさかなーーっ!!Fish! 🇧🇷
39アーニャがんばる!Anya do your best!
42たすけなきゃ!!I have to help! 🇧🇷
43やったね!You did it!
44ちちありがとう!Chichi thank you!
45じゅぎょうちゅうDuring the class
46にゅうがくにんむ!New gakunimu!
47アーニャぐれる!!Anya is lost! 🇧🇷
49おこられた・・・I was offended...
50ひっさつしょっと!!To hold on! 🇧🇷
51ぜったいやだ・・・!I absolutely hate this...!
52アーニャできるこ!Anya can do it!
53アーニャさらわれる!!Anya is kidnapped! 🇧🇷
54むずかしすぎ!Very difficult!
55にゅうがくきんちょう!New Kinchou!
56ばんごうない・・・I don't know...
57なかよしだ!Good friends!

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