Why are Japanese people smart? Really?

Many people say that Japanese and other Asians are much more intelligent than Westerners, etc. Is this really true? When we talk about Japan, we see a society full of technology and innovative inventions, 90% of the population trained in higher education, and a civilized and educated people. Really, the intelligence of the Japanese is widely seen in the world.

In this article, we will try to understand what makes the Japanese so smart. Let's try to see if there really is a difference between the intelligence of Westerners and Easterners. Do they really have an extra IQ and are they superior to Westerners?

Do Japanese people have an extra IQ?

Many articles or people have a tendency to say that Japanese or Asians in general have a higher IQ than Westerners and another race. A completely erroneous and racist idea that harms both Westerners and the Japanese themselves.

This widespread idea that Japanese people are intelligent ends up creating an obligation for Japanese people that don't exist, especially for those who live in the West. Already a lot of complaints from descendants who receive criticism and charges.

Not to mention that IQ is something individual and not defined by race or appearance. The Japanese can indeed have a high IQ, as well as Brazilians, Mexicans, Africans and others, everything depends on the brain and the life that the person leads.

Now there is no scientific study that claims that Japanese people have a high IQ in a natural, genetic way or whatever you are imagining. In fact, the creative capacity of Brazilians impresses me much more.

It's not intelligence, it's effort and education

There is no difference in IQ or superiority between Japanese and Westerners. All this intelligence that draws attention from all over the world is the result of an education and culture. Anyone can have this Japanese intelligence, the important thing is to have the effort!

If we think from another angle, the Japanese shouldn't be smart. Japan was isolated for a long time from the rest of the world, lived in war, using ideograms in their language which is also really simplistic and yet eat with chopsticks.

Why are Japanese people smart? Really?

Every Japanese culture and education they receive influences their lifestyle. If we look at it from another angle, we can ask, are the Japanese intelligent or is our nation too stupid?

We live in a country where most young people don't care at all for gaining knowledge, they just waste their lives selfishly drinking, using drugs, stealing and filling their minds with immoral and violent crap like music, TV and computer.

We find young adults who are not even able to read properly, not to mention the number of ignorant and uneducated people that exist, people who only think about themselves, only complain, do not want to accept or listen to the opinions of others, easily let themselves be influenced without nor think about life or future. Such people exist all over the world, and they are really stupid.

This is why the Japanese and Asians are famous for being intelligent. They lead a totally different lifestyle, practicing omotenashi, being humble, polite and thinking about others instead of yourself. Of course there are exceptions!

Why are Japanese people smart? Really?

Other influences on Japanese intelligence

The Japanese language stimulates memory - Japanese writing makes them have a better memory, intelligence of another level, they can see a world that we do not see, really understand the meaning of each word due to the combination of ideogram and word formation of the Japanese language.

Feeding the Orientals - Orientals really eat well, fish and vegetables do a lot of harm to physical and mental health. They avoid fat, salt and sugar and season their food differently and still very juicy. Japanese cuisine is rich in omega 3 and several other vitamins that end up even helping to stay young.

Independence since childhood - Since childhood, children are encouraged to be independent and responsible. They go to schools alone and clean rooms and even bathrooms. This independence and responsibility greatly influences a person's decision and life, so they focus on doing really useful things.

Why are Japanese people smart? Really?

Group cooperation - Unlike what people think, Japanese people are not usually individual, but they always work together. In Japan one helps the other, and it is worth remembering that 2 heads are better than one. Japan has a great spirit of working in groups.

Everything in Japan makes it easy - Everything in Japan is done to make life easier for Japanese people, train stations, convenience stores, restaurants and lunchboxes, vending machines and much more. Having an easy life helps a lot when using the brain for more important things that requires intelligence.

Are all Japanese like that?

We will not generalize, just as many Brazilians lead an educated and respectful lifestyle, many Japanese lead a stupid and selfish lifestyle. It is not just because the person is Japanese that they will be straight, they like to study and obey all the rules.

Japan is one of the countries with the greatest problems of bullying, many suicides are committed due to the social pressure that people suffer. Not to mention that there is still traditionalism and hierarchy within the country.

Why are Japanese people smart? Really?

Japan has major problems with gambling, horse betting, anime and gaming addictions. The result of this is many isolated people at home, without working and being supported by their parents.

Not to mention the number of men who have traded relationships with women for machines and virtual characters. We cannot define people or country because of some, everyone is different.

Shame - One of the things that make the Japanese strive, dedicate and do their best is shame. Some avoid making mistakes and are ashamed of becoming failures. This is something that has existed in Japan since the time of the samurai, some even committed suicide seppuku when making a serious mistake.

Ethical and moral values - As already mentioned, my opinion is that the main reason Westerners are less intelligent than Orientals is that they don't value ethical and moral values so much.

This is very important in life, it is the lack of it that has destroyed everyone today. The Japanese, even imperfect, strive to give the best service to the public, to be fair and honest, to work as a team, to strive and improve, to be humble, to respect and to be grateful. All Japanese intelligence and success is due to this.

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