How to achieve a more spiritual home with Feng Shui guidance

According to Feng Shui, a spiritual home comes from creating an environment that follows the dictates of ancient Chinese tradition and its rules, through which it is possible to rebalance the energies of the house to infuse positivity in the spirit and mind of those who live there. Here are her tips and practices for a positive, harmonious, and relaxing home.

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Spiritual Home: Where to Start

It is essential that the environment in which we live convey serenity and positivity. To make the house a domestic temple, it is useful to find the signs, the symbols themselves, in daily rituals that can transform small or large elements into subjects capable of receiving our intentions, capable of leading us to self-realization. Anything we feel attached to can be helpful in this process, as long as we give it precise meaning.

One of the first things to think about in bringing sacredness and positive energy into the home is how to let natural light fill the space. The language of light is the bearer of universal harmony, the revealer of life energy and the inspiration for the future. The path that leads from light to darkness is also important because it is the path that will guide us from reality to dream, from earth to heaven.

One of the first steps of the Feng Shui philosophy is man's reconnection with himself and with nature. The arrangement and orientation of objects are fundamental for the organization of rooms, as well as the shape and color of furniture and objects that are in harmony with the 5 elements. The space, for there to be harmony between man and nature, must be composed of natural elements such as wood, hemp, clay, straw, cork, natural pigments.

There are also elements and everyday objects, which are of great help to delve into different spiritual practices, among them we can find candles, which make our eyes connect with the vibrant energy of fire; incense, whose aroma intoxicates us by stimulating our senses; crystals, which restore the energies of the body and mind and musical instruments, their sound activates our vitality. For those who want to rediscover beauty, silence and inner growth, attention to nature and plants is a necessity. They not only provide us with oxygen, but also make us live in green, which is the color of renewal and regeneration. Excellent for restoring physical and mental balance, it is no coincidence that it is often used in places dedicated to health.

Japanese Zen Garden with Yin and Yang Stones and Harmony in Text

The colors

Here are the notions to keep in mind when talking about Feng Shui and colors: First of all, black represents deep water and universal emptiness, it brings depth and strength to a room. Blue, whatever the room in which it is used, conveys a sense of concentration and serenity. White indicates purity and innocence. White is also the color that contains all other colors, which is why we are all fascinated by pure white space. Pink, like red, is often associated with love and has calming properties, as long as it's not too bright. Orange and yellow represent light, which means power and encourages health.+


Also according to the principles of Feng Shui, for a house to be well built, it must be square or rectangular, without corners or missing parts. According to the medical science of Ayurveda, when the five primordial elements of the body, earth, air, fire, water and space, are in balance, a person is in a healthy state. Therefore, the five elements must also be in place to have a healthy home.

Each direction has a relationship with an aspect of life. North is the area of career and financial well-being. It is the part of the house where you spend most of your time. In this direction, it is the element of water that brings positive vibrations, so placing an aquarium or fountain in this corner will certainly bring good energy.

  • The south is the area of flame and is positively influenced by the element of fire. It is important that this area of the house is well lit to concentrate all the positive energy and encourage activities, especially work. To increase energy, it is recommended to place a very bright lamp or a lot of candles.
  • The east side of the house is related to health and reflects the harmony and well-being of you or your family. It is a very important corner and to obtain the greatest benefits it is recommended to place plants, a symbol of vitality.
  • The west corner of the house is all about creativity and the lake is the natural element. To increase positive energy and increase creativity, it is useful to place stones and crystals in this part of the house.
  • The northeast corner is the part of the house related to knowledge and the reference element is earth. This corner is a must in the home of a student or someone who likes to read and be informed.
  • The northwest part is the part that has to do with friendship. The element that can influence this corner of the house is metal. Activating the metal element is possible, for example, by hanging a brass bar or a small bell in this corner, which brings good luck.
  • The southeast corner of the house can positively influence everything that has to do with wealth. The energy carrier is the wind, which, according to the principles of Feng Shui, has the ability to bring new and good news. The pinnacle of good fortune is reached if a window is placed in this corner.
  • The southwest is the corner of love and marriage. To strengthen this chant so that it infuses energy, it is necessary to fill it with positive vibrations that only fire and light can offer. It will also be very positive to place all the symbols of love there.
  • The center of the house, or of a room, also has its own characteristics, and when arranging furniture or the internal distribution of rooms in a house, it should be left as empty as possible. The center is like the pivot of a wheel and for it to move and produce energy it must not be blocked or obstructed.

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