Arubaito – Part-time job in Japan

Arubaito (アルバイト, from German Arbeit, work) means temporary jobs carried out in Japan. This type of service is mainly sought after by students and foreigners who are going to spend a period in Japan.

It's also good information to add to your resume. Jobs can be all week long, but only half a workday or half a week and last for a few months. There are several opportunities to choose.

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How does Arubaito work?

Arubaito is a type of temporary work with a period that can vary from 2 to 6 months. There are vacancies in large industries, in the food, auto parts, electronics sectors. Selection for these vacancies usually starts from October and is called until the beginning of the following year. For those interested in working as an Arubaito, it is necessary to pay attention to the deadline for issuing a work visa, the procedures can take up to 03 months.

Vacancies are advertised on the websites of the company that needs employees. It can be by indication, selection of people who meet the requirements, among others. And something that is important to look at is whether the documents are up to date, if you are going to practice the profession, you should see the diploma validation, check everything regarding the employment contract.

Arubaito is great for those who cannot live in Japan, but will stay for a while to study or work. So it usually takes place during the school vacation period. This practice is common among nikkeis (Japanese descendants) from Brazil.

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Salaries range from ¥900 per hour to ¥1200 per hour and jobs can be in various industries especially food and electronics. Arubaito is the only form allowed by law for foreign students.

The job is usually 28 hours a week, this is a part-time job. But during vacations the student can work 40 hours a week, but the school must authorize it. When the person does not speak the language well, he still manages to work generally in services that demand more of his physical capacity. But if the student is fluent, he can even get a job in the field he is studying to act.

This is a great way to practice the language. The days and hours of work will depend on the company, and may be on weekdays, some days at night, or just on weekends. It is up to the student to decide which type of work best suits their lifestyle. For those starting in factories or convenience stores, the average salary is ¥850 an hour to ¥1250 an hour.

At Arubaito, it is important to remember that the working relationship changes a little, especially regarding benefits. For example, the company you work for as Arubaito will hardly pay for transportation, insurance or dormitories.


For Arubaito it is necessary to be of Japanese descent, be between 18 and 30 years old and be enrolled in a school or college. When thinking about doing this type of service in Japan, the ideal is for the person to already think about doing the issue of work visa which can be a little time-consuming.

Other documents that are required are: a criminal record certificate (a clean record is required), up-to-date passport and the koseki tohon (family record that serves as a document to recognize Japanese families) in order to prove descent.

It is also important to be prepared in a psychological sense because even if it is a temporary job requires a lot of effort and most are services that require strength and agility. In Japan, the working week has six days, one more than Brazil, so it can be pulled more in this direction.

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Laws, contracts and rights

In Japan, as in many other countries, there are labor laws that must be strictly followed by both the contractor and the contractor. Some laws are:

  • Labor Standards Law (it is above laws created by the company)
  • Labor Union Law
  • Gender Equal Opportunity in Employment Act
  • Minimum Wage Law

People who are 15 years old cannot work in Japan in any way, not even as Arubaito. In the case of temporary work, the employee already has a fixed date of departure, but the contract may be renewed. But the maximum duration is 3 years. O salary varies by function and time spent at work.

Some of the rights that the Japanese worker has are:

  • sick pay (if the disease is related to work, the value changes);
  • work accident insurance (when ´at work or on the way);
  • pregnant (do not put the pregnant woman at a disadvantage);
  • vacation (for permanent and part-time employees);
  • working hours (average of 40 weeks, not the case of Arubaito);
  • overtime (maximum 360 hours per year);
  • night work (from 10 pm to 5 am), minors under 18 years of age cannot do night work;
  • unemployment insurance (takes into account several factors and can be paid in 90 to 360 days).
Arubaito - part time job in japan - japan law

Would you like to work temporarily in Japan?

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