Anime to watch before you die

In this article, I will quote great anime, sometimes even unknown ones, that arrested me from beginning to end, with a great story is plot. They are not the best or the ones I like the most, but they are essential to watch if you are looking for something different and fun.

There are countless anime that I am in doubt about which to cite in this article, I will cite the best ones that I like, so this is MY list, and I put more unknown and ignored anime, that few had the chance or animo to watch, in a I will put anime that everyone knows, because everyone already knows.

Steins; Gate

One of the Smartest Works I've ever seen, a fiction that involves time travel, lots of comedy, terrible suspense, and captivating characters. The story takes place in 2010 in Akihabara tells the story of a group of friends who turned their microwave into a device that can send text messages to the past. The character Okabe Rintarou goes through a lot of trouble, when he has to face an organization called SERN, and at the same time save the future of humanity and its friends.

Anime to watch before you die

I will not tell details of the story, not from Spoilers, but watch until Episode 13, even if it is boring. Anime will look confusing at first, but I guarantee that when you finish the 25 episodes, it will be on your favorite anime list.

Code Geass

Another very famous Work, with a lot of action and suspense, and a terribly addictive development. I finished the 50 episodes of the anime in 2 days, and it automatically entered my list of favorites.

Despite criticism with respect to the features of the animation and for having a little fuse, those who did not watch do not know the great work they will lose.

Anime tells the story of a super intelligent young man named Lelouch, who is unhappy with the situation in the world, where Japan is dominated by an empire called Britannia. He ends up getting involved in an accident, and gains the power to order anything from whomever he wants. This power has its rules, so it starts a strategic war against the kingdom of Britannia. Thus begins one of the most spectacular plots on the planet.

Anime to watch before you die

Detective Conan

The success of this anime is very low in the West. but in Japan it is a huge success among the entire population, staying ahead of One Piece in the weekly ranking.

Although it seems old, cliché and childish. This is one of the coolest detective works I have ever encountered, and I have watched along with my family all over 700 episodes and the 20 films that exist.

Anime is a type of CSI, where the main character is Edogawa Conan a child who was actually a teenager (Kudo Shinichi) who was forced to take a drug that made him a child so he created another identity and is gradually fighting against the responsible black organization and solving countless cases across Japan using his Uncle Mouri-san.

Anime to watch before you die

Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai

Based on a series of Books, and made up of 2 seasons, this anime has a slightly strange theme.

It tells the story of Kyousuke Kousaka a normal young man, who does not have a good relationship with his younger sister. Until one day he discovered that your sister is an Otaku addicted to Eroge (Erotic Games), so the relationship between the 2 is increasing, and he becomes involved in several friendships, and a lot happens…

Despite the “Eroge” theme, the anime has no ecchi. It is more of a comedy, quite exciting.

Anime to watch before you die

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

One of the best works I've ever seen. Ignore the Chart, or the cliché story, because it breaks all the clichés that exist. Despite art, and unrealistic struggles, this story holds and becomes exciting, making any grown man cry.

Anime consists of 25 episodes and tells the story of Simon, a young boy who lived underground. His friend Kamina, wanting to leave the underground, helps him to know the outside world, and they end up getting involved in an adventure with giant robots. A common and simple story. SQN! It really is highly recommended to watch this anime before you die, no matter if you didn't like the graphic or story.

Anime to watch before you die

Uchuu Kyoudai

Another very famous anime in Japan and ignored in the West. I think Brazilians just want to know about action and violence, and don't enjoy a good drama.

This Anime tells a very different story, talks about Mutta an adult man who lost his job, and decides to take a test to become an astronaut. It sounds like a simple story, but watching it you will laugh and be moved by the plot and story.

Anime to watch before you die


A great story of comedy, romance and life lesson, which also steals many tears. Based on a Visual Nine, the anime focuses on the main girl Nagisa.

Composed of 2 seasons, the story begins when Tomoya happens to encounter Nagisa Furukawa. A soft-spoken girl a year older than him, who is repeating the school year because he got very sick the year before. Your goal is to join the theater club that she cannot join due to her illness. They discover that the theater club was closed after the remaining members graduated. As Tomoya has a lot of free time, he decides to help Nagisa to resume the theater club. During that time, Tomoya befriends several other girls and begins to get to know them more deeply, helping them with their individual problems. So the story develops and many things happen.

Anime to watch before you die


h3 class = ”r”> Toaru Kagaku No Railgun

An anime that looks simple, but is quite exciting. Composed of 2 seasons. It is a spin-off of Toaru majutsu on the Index.

Railgun's story revolves around a city-school, where 80% of its inhabitants are students. The city also has cutting edge technology, more advanced than the rest of the world. Students study psychic powers! The anime will pay attention to student Misaka Mikoto, who has level 5 powers, the highest in the entire school.

Anime to watch before you die


Recently launched, based on an old manga, it tells the story of an ordinary young man named Izumi Shinichi, who one day comes across a Parasite invading his body, trying to take over his brain, fortunately he manages to dominate only his hand, so the 2 have to coexist, and fight the other parasitic eaters of people who disguise themselves among themselves.

Anime manages to trap you from beginning to end, and brings a very different theme. Its genre is seinen (Anime for adults.)

Anime to watch before you die


A Shoujo anime, quite mature. It tells a story of a realistic life, and a great friendship between 2 girls with the same name. Both get involved in romances and problems. Leaving below the synopsis:

Komatsu Nana moves to Tokyo, following after her boyfriend Shouji to earn a life that she has always dreamed of. On a train bound for Tokyo, she meets Nana Osaki, the vocalist for the rock punk band “Blast”, also moving to Tokyo to achieve her dreams of becoming a professional.

Anime to watch before you die

Honorable Mentions

There are many other anime that could be on the list. Unfortunately I will write only these, but I will leave a list without description of other anime that you must be watched before you die. So you can search on each one if you are interested. Maybe in the future we will do another article with this theme.

  • Zero no Tsukaima
  • Toradora
  • Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Bakuman
  • Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
  • Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu
  • Seto no Hanayome
  • Kokoro Connect
  • I ”s Pure
  • Golden Time

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