Seijin no Hi and Majority in Japan

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At what age is a Japanese person considered an adult? What is the age of majority in Japan? At what age can a Japanese drink? To drive? Do you know the Seijin no Hi coming-of-age festival? In this article we will answer these and other questions.

The majority in Japan is called “Seinen” [成年]. It is only acquired from the age of 20, there is a difference of 2 years in relation to many countries where the majority is usually at 18 years old.

In Japan, young people learn from childhood things necessary for a lifetime, so in adolescence, young people only reinforce what they learned as a child, and when they grow up they continue learning.

Coming of Age Festival – Seijin no Hi

In the West, coming of age is often seen as a time when you are finally considered an adult and can do things like vote, drink alcohol, and rent a car. But in Japan, the coming of age ceremony is a much more formal and important event.

The festival takes place on the 2nd Monday of January, young people who turn 20 celebrate their transition to adulthood on the day called “Seijin Shiki” [成人の日].

Japanese teenager wearing traditional kimono back and arms outstretched with beautiful flare and sunshine celebrating the coming of age day in fuji city, japan. Horizontal shot.

It is a national holiday created by the government in 1948 to encourage young people to take on adult responsibilities such as voting, getting married and so on.

On this holiday, ceremonies take place in temples, tours, receptions and it is possible to find most young people wearing kimonos.

After the ceremony, it is customary for friends and family to take the new adults out for a celebratory meal. This is usually the first time new adults have been able to drink alcohol, so it's a very important thing!

Seijin no hi and majority in japan

Age to Drink Alcohol in Japan

In Japan, alcoholic beverages are only allowed from the age of 20, but it is not law that young people cannot drink. It is not allowed for commercial establishments to sell the drink knowing that the person is a minor and knowing that they will share it with other minors, in these cases the local pays a fine.

However, in some cases, when they turn 18 and go to college, the young person participates in parties, either in the course or in the cultural and sports club they chose, in order to celebrate their tickets by the veterans.

Tips and rules for drinking in Japan

At these parties, the Kouhai have the opportunity to drink for the first time outside their homes, this is because the veterans have the custom of challenging the newbies to drink, either to see who drinks faster, or to show respect for the request of their veteran. .

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Japan has a cultural tradition of respecting elders and veterans, so newbies end up giving in to the elders' requests, maybe it's harmless on the part of veterans, but sometimes there can be ulterior motives, so always be sure that it will be ok.

合コン gōkon

Age to get a Driver's License in Japan

The minimum age to have a Driver's License in Japan is 18 years old, the young person goes through all the normal requirements, such as taking classes, exams, practical and theoretical classes.

The exam is called unten menkyosho [運転免許証], and after passing the exam it is necessary to strictly respect the laws, because if you commit infractions that reach 15 points you already have a chance of losing your driver's license.

After passing the exams, you receive a provisional license called Karimenkyo [仮免許], in order to obtain the permanent license it is necessary to take a theoretical test of 100 questions, and a final practical test.

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Japan driver's license – tips and procedures
Japanese Driver's License

Age to Vote in Elections in Japan

In Japan, voting is not mandatory, making the Japanese have little interest and knowledge about elections, especially the younger ones!

In Japan, exiting the polls is prohibited and there are no “saints” of choice. The media also tends to only show results and competitors that are of higher levels.

As a result, the government has been noticing large declines in votes, especially among young people under 30, with less than a third of these young people voting in the last elections.

The government decided to lower the minimum age from 20 to 18, opening doors for more young people to be aware of the popular vote.

Political campaigns, parties and elections in japan
Japan election time

Age of Consent in Japan

In Japan there are loopholes in the laws that allow young people over 13 years of age to consent to their sexual relationships. Below that, any relationship is considered rape. Despite this, other laws require a minimum of 16 years.

Japanese law also prohibits women under the age of 16 and men under the age of 18 from marrying without parental consent.

Most provinces in the country have laws against child corruption. Age of consent ranges from 16 to 18 years depending on location. It is illegal to have sexual activities with partners who are under this age unless one of the parents approves the relationship. 

Couple happy smile looking to each other in bed

Some details about the Majority

In any country, when a teenager comes of age, great responsibilities arise, such as getting a job, going to college and among others, but one of the big problems in Japan is the hikikomori, which have the strength to even break a good part of the country's economy.

One of Japan's problems is also the low birth rate and a high number of suicides by young people, but this does not stop Japan from being a cultural and influential country around the world.

Young Japanese don't have the same mentality as some westerners, of thinking that when they're older they can do whatever they want, in a way they get rid of some weights, but the level of perfection required increases, so this kind of thinking doesn't happen. between them. It could be because of the perfection demanded or because it's a country where everyone tends to be homebody.

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