YouTube channels to study for the JLPT

In this article, we will know some channels of the YouTube with free classes aimed at Japanese Language Proficiency Exam (JLPT – Japanese Language Proficiency Test).

If you plan to study for the test, this article is for you.

Guide jlpt - Japanese language proficiency exam

The JLPT has five levels, where the N5 is the easiest and the N1 the hardest. Every year the test is applied in several states in Brazil and abroad and aims to certify the student's knowledge of the Japanese language.

However, many students do not have the financial means to pay for a course or acquire a courseware own, having to resort to free means to study and do well on the test. In this sense, we decided to share some YouTube channels focused on the exam, with free and educational content covering all five main levels.

Let's go to the list!

1. Nihongo no Mori

Perhaps the most famous channel on this list, Nihongo no Mori is well known and cult among foreign students of the Japanese language. Most of the classes and videos are presented by Sensei Yuka, who stands out for her good humor, quality teaching and animation. In addition, most classes have Japanese subtitles, which helps a lot in retaining the taught content.

日本語の森 – YouTube

2. Nihongo to Tabi

Less well-known than the previous channel, Nihongo to Tabi is excellent for studying for the JLPT, mainly because it has a large number of N5, N4, N3 and N2 grammar lessons. In addition, the lessons contain many visual illustrations and the explanation suits the beginner's vocabulary.

日本語 to 旅 〜Nihongo to Tabi〜 – YouTube

3. Meshclass Nihongo

This channel has a good number of classes taught by Professor Tezuka. There are also many videos with differences between important Japanese words and grammatical structures.

Meshclass 日本語 – YouTube

4. Yuko Sensei

With over 200,000 subscribers, Yuko Sensei's channel is also very rich, with grammar, kanji and vocabulary content.

Yuko Sensei – YouTube

5. Sambon Juku

One of the best YouTube channels to learn Japanese. New videos are published regularly.

三本塾 -Sambon Juku- – YouTube

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