Japanese bakeries and Japanese breads

Japan's bakeries (beekarii - ベーカリー) are the real bread paradise. It is possible to find infinite varieties of bread, of all prices and tastes. Unlike bakeries in Brazil, in bakeries in Japan you choose all your breads and take them to the cashier, they are completely available, I still don't know how they don't face problems with flies.

The First bakery was opened in 1869. The bakery was set up by Yasubei Kimura, an ancient samurai. His bakery is located in Tokyo and has the name Buneidou (Today is called: Kimura-ya)

The first genuine Japanese bread was made by Kimura, with the name of Anpan. Made with sakedane (rice) yeast - which gives a special aroma to the bread - and stuffed with anko (azuki bean paste, widely used in traditional confectionery).

On April 4, 1875, they produced a special version for Emperor Meiji, made with sakura petals for him to take on his spring walk. For this reason, bread began to gain popularity and the date became known as Anpan.

The Japanese consumer is thirsty for news. For that reason, there are thousands of breads and flavors, let's examine some of the revolutionary breads.

Types of Japanese breads

There are thousands of types of breads, in addition to the mentioned Anpan. We will mention the best known, but it is worth remembering that it is not even 10% of the types of bread that exists, Japan is full of creativity, and may vary according to the time of year, not to mention limited editions.

Japanese bakery and Japanese breads

Yakisoba-Pan - That's right, Yakisoba bread, a simple bread filled with the famous fried noodles, is cheap and quite popular with students. In the photo you can also see breads filled with Teriyaki and shumai.

Kare-Pan - A fried Curry bread. It is usually crunchy, with a soft bread and a very spicy filling. It is common to find other breads in the same style stuffed with other things.

Meron-pan (メロンパン?) or melon bread. It is a soft, round loaf with a cake-like icing. It looks like a melon, but typically it does not taste like a melon (although melon essence is sometimes added to enhance the aroma). There is a variation that consists of placing pieces of chocolate between the layer of the cake and the layer of the bread.

Korokke Pan Croquet Bread, in the same style as the Yakisoba Pan, it is stuffed with potato croquettes, and with a little vegetables and lettuce to give it a healthy tone, but it is far from that.

Korone - It is another type of Japanese sweet bread, which is essentially a brioche cone filled with chocolate cream. there are several types of bread and different shapes, which are usually filled with creams or chocolate.

Nikuman - They are breads stuffed with ground pork and other ingredients and then steamed.

There are thousands of other loaves that we will not mention in this article. Perhaps a close article, there are infinite varieties, and derivations of the bread mentioned.

Japanese bakery and Japanese breads

Japan Bakery Videos

We will leave some videos for you to know and appreciate the bakeries in Japan and see the huge variety of products.


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