Why are the Japanese alike? Do Asians have the same faces?

Every now and then we see stereotypes saying that the Japanese are all the same, the same happening with other Asian countries, where they say that everyone has the same face or looks alike. is this really true?

I agree that to this day I still have difficulties differentiate the nationality of an Asian just seeing the person. But the case addressed in this matter is the easy recognition of people of the same nationality.

Suppose you Know a Japanese man, will you be able to find him in the crowd if he gets lost? If a group of Japanese friends take a picture together, will they get confused when identifying?

The Japanese are not the same!

In the same way that we imagine the Japanese all the same and alike. Asians think the same of Europeans and other Western nationalities. All this happens because of a simple Brain Bug.

A scientific study took Europeans and Japanese and distributed photos of different ethnicities. The study found that the volunteers easily memorized the faces of people of the same ethnicity as them.

The study came to the conclusion that the same difficulty that the Europeans had to identify the photos of the Orientals, the Japanese had to identify the photos of the Europeans.

Why are Japanese and Asians alike or equal?

It wasn't just a recognition test, the scientists looked closely at the volunteers' brains. The Japanese simply thought those blond Europeans were all alike and wondered how they managed to differentiate one another.

The extrastriated cortex responsible for facial recognition and other parts of the brain used a much greater effort to try to come to a conclusion as to whether or not that European or Asian face had appeared before.

Aren't the Japanese alike?

Of course, in Brazil things are different from Europeans and Japanese, all because we live in a huge mix of ethnicities. Brazil lives a different reality from most countries in the world.

Even though Japanese faces are easy to identify among themselves. The Japanese have characteristics that standardize and define them. They usually have black hair, are thin and small.

The Japanese also lived in isolation for thousands of years, making diversification much smaller than in Brazil and other countries. Not to mention healthy eating preserve that little face.

Why are Japanese and Asians alike or equal?

From experience, I could easily tell my Japanese friends apart in the crowd, because I was used to seeing their faces. When living among the Japanese, I can see that they have very different faces from each other.

Many Japanese leave the standard using different clothes and haircuts. Some even dye their hair, but the vast majority of Japanese wear the same clothes and the same haircut, further standardizing the ethnicity.

It's not enough to live among the Japanese

Studies have concluded that even if you move to Japan, you will still find Japanese people alike. Your brain literally needs to be trained to notice the differences, the same way you can tell your friends apart.

We were born in an environment and from childhood we see the same face styles that help us to identify the small differences in each one. This ability becomes even smaller in Brazil with so many ethnicities.

The fact that a person never travels or rarely sees people of different ethnicities such as Asians ends up creating this misconception that everyone is alike or the same. I myself can't find all Japanese people the same because I have coexistence with Japanese culture.

The same happens within Brazil itself, we can see striking similarities in Brazilians from each state. There are similarities between the Indians, Northeasterners, Gauchos and among many other states and regions.

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