The True Meaning of Tatakae and Tatakai

Maybe you have already asked yourself the meaning of Tatakae, or perhaps you have wondered what is Tatakai. Despite these words sound quite similar to each other, there's a difference between all of them, which is quite used in action anime like Shingeki no Kyoujin (Attack on Titan).

These words are spoken as a personal command or to others and are often captioned as "fight!" or in English "fight".

One of the iconic scenes that viralized this expression and its extensive internet search is in the fourth season of Attack on Titan. In the video below, you can find a compilation of Tatakae:

In addition to the article explaining in detail the meaning of Tatake, we recommend watching our video below where I talk about and show some scenes of Tatake being used in anime:

Ikusa and Tatakau - The Word of War

Both Tatakai and Tatakae are actually words made up of the ideogram [戦] which means war, battle or match. The ideogram also makes up the famous word ikusa [戦] which has the same meaning, but can also refer to troops and forces.

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Other words that also use the Ideogram are "Sen" [戦] or "Senzou" [戦争] which means war. The words Tatakae and Tatakai are composed of the verb "Godan" type "U" "Tatakau" [戦う];

The verb Tatakau [戦う] means to battle, fight, make war, go to war, make war, make war and similar things. It can also indicate fighting an opponent or resistance.

What does tatakae and tatakai mean?

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What is the meaning of Tatakae?

Tatakae can be translated as:

  • Go into battle;
  • fight!
  • Go to battle!
  • Force!
  • Now! Do it!

The word Tatake [戦え] is the imperative form of the verb Tatakau, this form is mostly used by men to ask or order someone to do something (can be used for oneself).

See the sentence below:

  • 戦えばすなわち勝つ
  • Tatakaeba sunawachi katsu

The translation of this expression can be: to win all battles (which are fought); to always be victorious.

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What does tatakae and tatakai mean?

What is the meaning of Tatakai?

Tatakai [戦い] is a noun meaning struggle, battle, war and conflict. So the differences between Tatakai and Tatakae is that one is a substitute and the other is a verb.

Both words tend to be mentioned in a lot of anime, but generally, tatakai is used to referring to the war in question, some kind of fight that is going on or has happened before.

Remembering that usually the Japanese also write the expression tatake and tatakai using the ideogram [闘] which also means fight type [闘え].

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Shingeki-no-kyojin - fight

Fight, fight and fight! This repeated expression caused curiosity in anime fans, some even believed that such expression started appearing in Shingeki, but it is a very common expression, including its repetition.

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