What does Kimochi mean in Japanese?


Do you know what the word kimochi [気持ち] really means in Japanese? The word literally means feelings, sensation, and humor, but is that the only meaning of that word?

In this article we will delve into and examine in detail the word kimochi and its various meanings and uses in the Japanese language. I hope you enjoy this word that expresses a good feeling.

Kimochi meaning

The word kimochi is composed of 2 ideograms meaning energy, spirit, mind and heart (ki – 気) and holding, carrying, possessing (持ち). So we can keep in mind that the word involves holding something in our mind and heart. It also means preparation, readiness, attitude and sympathy.

Kimochi is used to describe an emotional state, a reflective and irrational feeling, an emotion that cannot be controlled, especially romantic feelings. It is also used to express feelings of thanks and love. It is also used as an adjective to express disgust or comfort.

What does kimochi mean in japanese?

Be careful when using Kimochi

Despite its overall meaning of feeling, this word has gained some popularity on the Internet because of its use during sex to demonstrate pleasure. So be careful how you speak or use that word so as not to get a perverted idea.

There are other words to express feelings like kibun [気分] which is often used to refer to a feeling and feeling of the environment, atmosphere or physical as cold and heat, as well as a state of mind or temperament. Another word that means to feel is kanji [感じ] which also involves having an impression or feeling something.

The word kimochi can also be used with the meaning of heart, inclination (decision, choice) and mind (opinion, desire). With so many meanings and applications, we must study phrases and contexts to understand the essence of this word that passes on many idiomatic meanings.

We have created an article showing other words that are also used to express feelings, you can read this article by clicking here.

What does kimochi mean in japanese?

Using Kimochi and its other meanings

Below we will see some variations and expressions of the word and their meanings:

  • Kimochiii [気持ちいい] = feeling good, feeling good;
  • Kimochiwarui [気持ち悪い] = malaise, unpleasant, disgusting and revolting;
  • Kimoi [キモイ] = slang word kimochiwarui;

Phrases with the word kimochi:

My feelings私の気持ちwatashi no kimochi
This rain is good雨が気持ちいいame ga kimochi ii
Feel young気持ちは若いkimochi wa wakai

I hope you enjoyed, I had to write this article 2 times because the first one gave error and not saved. That’s why I’m very grateful for the sharing.

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