How to find Japanese song lyrics

Sometimes you want to see the lyrics of a japanese song in japanese with ideograms, but unfortunately google shows results in roman lyrics (romaji) most of the time. It seems like a simple thing to do, but we created an article and video that will help you and give you tips on how to find the lyrics of songs in Japanese.

Some beginners find it difficult to find the lyrics of the song in Japanese because the google translator provides erroneous translations of the words “lyrics” or “lyrics. The real word you should use to search for lyrics in Japanese is kashi (歌詞).

You can use the word 歌詞 before or after the name of the song written in Japanese or even romanized that you will easily find the Japanese lyrics you are looking for. We made a quick video talking about this subject and we will leave it below:

Tips when searching for lyrics in Japanese

Unfortunately, Japanese websites tend to block the selection and copy of text, making it impossible for you to copy the lyrics of the song to study or paste into any text editor. You will have to search several sites until you find one that does not have this security measure.

Be careful when searching for the lyrics of the songs in Japanese and dropping on a Chinese or English website that ended up using the simplified Chinese ideograms that are different from Japanese kanji.

Some American sites share the Japanese letters alongside the romanized and sometimes in multiple languages. One of the most popular sites to find song lyrics, especially for anime, is lyrical-nonsense.

How to find Japanese song lyrics

You can also search for Japanese song lyrics on YouTube to sing using the word karaoke (カラオケ) written in Japanese. The big problem is that you will end up finding versions without a voice or with Japanese singing voices. Using the word kashi (歌詞) you can find original versions with the letter, but it is also not so simple.

Try using the single single douga to more easily find videos that have the lyrics and original voices of the songs. I hope you enjoyed these tips for finding Japanese song lyrics. We appreciate comments and shares. We recommend reading:

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