The 10 Best Mystery Anime of all time

Thriller is unquestionably one of the most popular genres among anime fans. Finally, it is possible to come across stories with a lot of mystery, complexity and even unexpected twists!

So if you like this one gender type, this article is for you! Check out the ten best thriller anime. These Anime will make your mind work on nonsensical theories, but that's the fun!

10 - Outro

A 26-year-old incident would have changed a college. The death of a model student, communicative, attractive and wise, changes the school cycle. Since then, Room 3 of the 9th year of Colégio Yomiyama da Zona Norte is no longer the same.

Sakakibara Kouichi, a 15-year-old student, moves from Tokyo to Yomiyama, his mother's hometown, in the spring of 1998 due to his father's job in India. He is hospitalized with pneumothorax shortly before the start of classes. 

It is in the hospital, after the visit of some of his future colleagues, that he begins to notice the different atmosphere that permeates the city and, in particular, his new school.

He also meets a girl with an eye patch at the hospital. Kouichi realizes that only his room is different, and that something strange is happening around him, although he doesn't know why.

In a few moments, he'll discover what happened in Grade 9's room 3, the 26-year-old event that took place while his mother was a student in the same class. And in a few years, he will be wreaking havoc on the world.

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9. Gosick

The story of Gosick takes place in the year 1924 in a small fictional European country called Saubure. The anime centers on Kazuya Kujo, the eldest son of a Japanese imperial soldier, who studies at Santa Margarida Academy on a scholarship, where urban legends and horror stories are common. 

He meets Victorique, a beautiful and mysterious girl who never shows up to class and spends all her time in the library devouring books or solving mysteries that detectives can't solve.

In summary, the series follows Kazuya and Victorique as they become embroiled in many mystery cases and struggle to solve them while forming vital bonds with a variety of people.

8. Serial Experiments Lain

Lain Iwakura, a shy and introverted teenager, is one of several students in her class to receive a disturbing email from a classmate who committed suicide.

Lain has neither the desire nor the experience to deal with basic technology. When you open your email, however, it takes you straight to Wired, a virtual world of internet-like communication networks.

When she uncovers one terrifying mystery after another, her life takes a turn for the worse. Strangers known as the Men in Black start showing up wherever you go, asking questions and somehow knowing more about you than you know yourself.

With the boundaries between reality and cyberspace rapidly blurring, only Lain will understand the meaning of her presence as one world closes and another opens.

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"Darker than Black"

Hell's Gate is an unusual and strange territory that emerged in Tokyo and changed the course of history. Simultaneously, individuals with specialized skills emerged.

The celestial bodies disappeared and were replaced by fake stars that belonged to those with special abilities. However, gaining these unique abilities comes at a cost: the loss of human emotions and empathy.

So those capable of freezing blood, known as Contractors, who are kept secret from the public. Several nations employ Contractors as spies and agents, which often results in violent battles over information.

6. Durarara!!

Mikado Rygamine is a young man who dreams of living in a busy city. Mikado is transferred to a school in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, after being invited by Masaomi's friend Kida.

Masaomi warns him about dangerous people he must avoid: a violent guy dressed as a bartender, an information broker and a mysterious currency known as "Dollars". To top it off, Mikado encounters an urban legend on his first day in town: the “Black Rider”, a fictional black motorcycle racer.

The story follows all the characters in a balanced way, showing how their lives intersect and creating a great deal of involvement based on what each character knows about an occurrence in Ikebukuro.

5. Psycho-Pass

The law and its application have changed. In the 22nd century, Japan enforces the Sibyl System, a method of determining a citizen's threat level by examining their mental state for signs of criminal intent, also known as Psycho-Pass. 

The inspectors uphold the law by subduing anyone who has the least desire; on the other hand, Enforcers are incarcerated inspectors, but they have been given some freedom in exchange for carrying out the inspectors' work.

Akane Tsunemori, a young woman with a sincere desire to uphold justice, enters this world. However, while working alongside senior enforcer Shinya Kougami, she quickly discovers that the Sibyl System's judgments are not as perfect as her fellow inspectors believe.

With everything done via justice and the use of head to the bottom, Akuma is an issue that can be kept alive by an already corrupted system.

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"Death Parade"

When two people on Earth die at the same time, they are sent to one of the many mysterious bars run by bartenders who act as judges.

People must participate in death games there, with the results revealing secrets that have led to their current predicament and determining whether they will be sent back to Earth or banished to the afterlife.

The series follows Decim, a solo bartender from Quindecim, whose role in judging these women changes when he meets a beautiful and mysterious black-haired woman.

Death parede

Tokyo Ghoul

The story of Tokyo Ghoul revolves around Ken Kaneki, a student who survives a fatal encounter with Rize Kamishiro, a woman who turns out to be a ghoul.

Ghouls are human-like creatures that hunt and devour human flesh. With this revelation, Rize attacks Kaneki, who is badly injured, desperately trying to escape. Rize corners him until several metal pipes fall on Rize, ostensibly killing him; shortly afterward, Kaneki collapses from his injuries and is sent to the hospital in critical condition. 

Upon his recovery, he discovers that he underwent surgery that turned him into a half-ghoul and that, like them, he must consume human flesh to survive.

With no one to help him, he is taken in by Kuzen, the owner of a cafe called "Anteiku", who teaches him how to live as a half-human and half-ghoul, as well as interacting with ghoul society and its many forms, while he is struggling to live with humans.

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Dr. Kenzou Tenma, an outstanding neurosurgeon who recently gave birth to the hospital director's daughter, continues to rise through the ranks of the hospital where he works.

But that changes when Dr. Tenma chooses to operate on a young Johan Liebert over the town's mayor, putting his life at risk.

He loses his social standing, the respect of the hospital director and his wife. However, after the mysterious deaths of the director and two other doctors, Dr. Tenma has been restored. After eleven years, he is still face to face with the monster he created.

He now must embark on a search for a way to repair the damage done by the child he rescued.

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1. Death Note

Death Note is a supernatural notebook with the power to kill anyone whose name is written on it.

Normally, Shinigami use "Death Notes" to kill humans without leaving their world, accumulating the remaining years of each human's life for themselves.

Certain Shinigami relinquish their Shinigami world notebooks into the human world to allow humans to use their repositories. Historically, humans have killed as many other humans as they destroyed the notebook.

Only 6 notebooks are possible to exist in the human world. However, it is unknown how many assassins' notebooks there are in the world. Shinigami, as well as they are created.

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