Beware of scammers when selling on Mercado Livre

Recently I was trying to sell something on the open market and I noticed a huge amount of scammers trying to outmaneuver the inexperienced who try to sell on the open market. In this article I want to share my experience so you can be careful when selling something on the free market.

When we thought that only sellers could blow the free market, novice sellers also chipped. Sometimes even people who didn't even intend to sell something on the free market end up falling for the coup. But this scam is very simple to detect, only desperate and inattentive people end up falling for it. 

The first thing I would like to mention is that Mercado Livre always warns not to contact interested parties outside the platform, either by email or phone. The free market recommends doing everything through the website and application itself, but there are still those who insist on this rule, which is why they take a hit. 

For the embezzler to apply the possible scam he only needs your email. He will try this in a number of different ways, in my case the woman first said she wanted to pick up on the spot and shared her email in a question. I suspected, but I continued the contact using another e-mail not from the free market.

Then she said something about Sedex, but I didn't even care and said: For security reasons, I only use the shipping market. Then she said: Okay, I'll buy it. The other day e-mails arrived saying that the purchase was successfully confirmed, but as I'm not stupid I took a look at the sender of the e-mail that was: [email protected]

Simply put: They take your email and send emails pretending to be the free market to try to make you think they sold the product and send it by post without the shipping market label. So innocent people end up sending the product and never seeing their money. 

The person who tried to apply the Coup uses the name of Bruna Dasmaceno da Silva and uses the email [email protected]. If we search for that name on Google + Mercado Livre, you will see that this supposed person tried to apply this scam in several.

Beware of scammers when selling on the open market

At the end of the article I will also share a list of fake emails and addresses. Remembering that whenever someone provides the email through the free market through questions, report it. Nor be lured from other platforms to the free market. It's best to use a free market email that you don't share with anyone.

Remember the free market prohibits any contact outside the platform before the sale is made. That's why people end up falling for the coup. Don't fall for that I have questions, get in touch.


These Scammers only look for new people who have never had sales on the open market, or they look for people who sell outside the open market like OLX and try to get you to go to the open market for the first time, giving that feeling of security.

People who have never used the free market or who are inattentive and believe everything they read, can easily send the product and still pay the shipping just because the supposed free market email says so. Often the email makes up an excuse that it had internal problems with the shipping market and also asks for your bank details to make the payment on Mercado Pago.

These scammers can even use emails that look like the original paid marketplace. So always check if your sale was really made, within the free market panel. Print the label only through the free market website or application. If you're still kidding, make sure you're on the free market website, you'll click on an email link that takes you to a fake website.

The only trusted emails end with and be fully aware of these details. Even so, be suspicious, because I don't know how, but they've already sent emails by the name of which were false charges.

The scammer's face

The same thing happened to my friend yesterday. He put an iPhone to sell on OLX and the buyer wanted to use the free market. He spent his time and created a free market account. Then the buyer through whatsapp invented an excuse asking to send the link by email because her internet on her cell phone only worked on whatsapp and she was going to open the link through her notebook.

Then the supposed woman made the purchase and my friend received an email from the free market confirming the purchase. Luckily the email app turns the free market icon yellow, while the supposed emails he received from the purchase were grayed out, so he got suspicious.

Then I instructed him to see the sender of the e-mail, because I have never seen the free market asking for bank details by e-mail like the one he received. Then he showed me another email talking about a defect when printing the label, which scammers use to make the person send the product without being through the shipping market. Beware that others use fake tags too.

The funniest thing was the bad guy's face after my friend discovered the Coup. The crook said he applied this scam 7 times in just one day, profiting 12,000 reais with iPhones X and XS.

Beware of scammers when selling on the open market

According to the conversation, they use false addresses and documents to carry out the scams. Probably the address houses are empty and they pick up the product at the post office.

Beware of scammers when selling on the open market

It's very sad to live in a country full of thieves like that face. Of course, in Japan there are also scams and embezzlement, in fact they are the most common crimes in Japan, since there are no armed bandits there. I want to see these bandits getting screwed, but unfortunately no one can stop this type of crime.

Unfortunately these scams only happen because people are not attentive and don't know how to use the internet. If they were smarter these types of scams didn't exist and these thugs would have to hunt for something else to do.

They probably use an email marketing system to send the emails all triggered and not have the trouble of doing everything manually when making the scam. It's probably a big gang that will one day end up breaking up, getting caught by the police or dying in some other way.

Mercado Libre is not the only place for Coup

The free market is not the only place scammers are. There is an exorbitant amount of fake websites, fake emails and even fake marketing. Directly I receive foreign emails saying that my website domain is going to expire and that I have to renew it for an absurd price of 70$.

Emails itself are the biggest scam site, whether to sell non-existent products or take bank details. Taking advantage of this article, I will tell you about an event that happened to me on my way back from Japan. It wasn't online but that goes to show us to stay alert on land as well.

When making my reservation at Fast Sleep Guarulhos, the woman asked for my card details. I didn't even notice because recently the CIA area had done the same thing in rescheduling my trip with another card. After a few weeks I received a message about an attempt to use my card for online purchases.

Fortunately, Banco Itau is smart and denied the purchase, I got in touch via chat and blocked online purchases until my new card arrived. It was probably some hotel employee and I'm filing a lawsuit against it. Don't be innocent and never pass your card to anyone. I was very suspicious when the CIA area asked for the card but I didn't even notice on that other occasion.

After these I make reservations only by Booking.

The artigo is still half finished, but we recommend opening it to read the following later:


The list below is a list of names I took from various random product questions. Unfortunately, even if we end up with these people, they create other accounts or names to apply the Scam. At least we're wasting their time.

I only caught a few, the list of scammers is gigantic. Just search for [“twin with” free market] on google and you will see thousands of people trying to apply the scam. It's probably a gang or sometimes it's boots asking questions on the open market.

Not to mention those who use OLX + Whatsapp to apply the Scam. People who don't use Mercado Libre are the easiest to fall for! Take care! Alert your friends and share this article with everyone to end this gang!

These Scammers are smart and make everything look genuine. I was so suspicious that I even looked up the CPF and address of the guy who actually bought my camera. They don't fool me, no!

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