The Best Japanese Cooking Books and Courses - List

In this article, we will recommend a list of online courses on Japanese cuisine, Japanese food or simply courses on sushi and other Asian dishes popular in Brazil. You will learn today how to make your own Asian dishes.

Some of the online courses in this article are of professional levels that make you able to set up your own Japanese cuisine restaurant and earn fortunes. Japanese cooking courses teach from the purchase of products, the preparation of the dish and even restaurant management and planning.

If you want to know a little about Japanese cuisine, we recommend the video below:

Sushi course - The best Sushi course

The Online Sushi Course Sushibilidade Program is a methodology created and presented by Hiro Ozono through his experience training more than 3,500 students in his Face-to-face Sushi Course. One of the most popular on the market.

In this Program the student will learn to elaborate the most different types of sushi in a short time, that is, the student effectively learns how to make sushi. The course also offers several bonuses that increase its value.

This Program is aimed at people without culinary skills or even for the entrepreneur who thinks about entering the Delivery market. The course is complete and teaches step by step the preparation of sushi and even the basics of sales.

The best Japanese cookery books and courses - list

Temaki Experience online course

 The Temaki Experience is specialized training in making Temaki of different types and in the correct and professional way. In this Program the student will learn to elaborate 10 types of temakis in a short time.

This Training is aimed at people without culinary skills, people who want to know Japanese cuisine through therapy or as a hobby, people who want to please their girlfriend or wife with a special dinner.

The Training is also aimed at people who intend to work with sushi orders taking an extra income from R$ 1,500.00 to R$ 2,000.00 and entrepreneurs who want to enter the Delivery market.

To know and buy Temaki Experience just click on the button below. Remembering that if you want, the Sushibilidade Program it also comes with a bonus Temaki Experience, it may be more advantageous for you.

The best Japanese cookery books and courses - list

Ramen Online Course - Lamen Gourmet

Lamen or Ramen is one of the best dishes of Japanese cuisine, but little explored in Brazil. There are very few restaurants focused on lamen, perhaps it is a great market for you to explore, or just make your own dishes.

The Lamen Gourmet course will teach you how to make your own lamen, especially the 5 most popular types of ramens in Japan. You will learn how to make Shio Lamen, Shoyu Lamen, Misso Lamen, Tantan Lamen and Tsukemen.

The course will teach you step by step from the choice of ingredients, the initial preparations and the ideal accompaniments. As a gift he will also teach how to make the famous karaague, a unique Japanese fried chicken.

The best Japanese cookery books and courses - list

Yakibilidade Program - Hot Dishes Course

The Yakibilidade Program is a complete program of teaching Japanese and Chinese cuisine with hot dishes that everyone loves. We will teach you how to prepare from a Ramen Soup well differentiated to traditional Japanese cuisine.

Very traditional dishes and little explored as Okonomiyaki, the Japanese pancake that is delicious, passing through the Japanese style fried chicken, the Karaoke and the Chicken Chess which is very popular in Chinese cuisine. 

You will also learn to do katsu donburi, shimeji, karepan, kareraisu, breaded shrimp, gohan, onigiri, kimpira renkon, missoshiru, sunomono, teishoku, tempura, salmon tenpan and yakimeshi. A full course of hot dishes.

The best Japanese cookery books and courses - list

Sushi Mini Course - Sushibilidade

This is a basic sushi course for those who want to make sushi in their own home. The course has a total of 14 classes that teach from utensils, products, supplies, rice preparation and the basics of sushi.

With this basic course you will learn how to make Hossomaki, uramaki, temaki, nigirizushi, hot roll and others. This is the most basic and cheapest course in this article, the second course to follow is a more complete version of the same company.

The best Japanese cookery books and courses - list

Essential Sushi Guide + SUSHI 30D

It is a small product aimed at those who work with sushi. Here you will receive the 3 most important PDF lists for you to start your dreamed sushi order business at home.

  • List of Utensils
  • List of Ingredients
  • Equipment list

Be a successful entrepreneur selling Sushi over the Internet. You can earn from R$1,000 to R$5,000.00 per month selling Sushis by Orders without having to invest a lot of money. This is Sushi 30D's proposal, but for now see the basics.

The best Japanese cookery books and courses - list

Japanese cuisine books

Another way to learn how to make Japanese cuisine is through complete books that teach you step by step and talk about different dishes that you may not know. See below some books that we separated on Amazon:

Benefits of online courses

What are the advantages of taking an online course, you may be wondering. Is it really possible to learn how to cook Japanese cuisine on the internet? Below are some of the benefits of taking an online course:

Cheaper - Pay cheaper on something more expensive.
Freedom - You consume the content at any time.
You will not need to move around to take the course.
It can be accessed from anywhere.
Many options to pay, without infinite payments.
Several payment options through Boleto, Paypal, Cards and others.
The teacher has much more time to engage in the students of the course. 
A good online team to accompany you throughout the course.
Better to understand the matter.
Audio, text and video classes.
 Extra classes with exercises, quizzes and tests for you to test your knowledge

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