Chatting about Anime in Japanese

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Hello everyone, everything good? Did you talk about anime with your friends? After all, anime is very popular both in Japan and in Brazil and elsewhere in the world. So, in this article I’m going to teach you how to talk about anime in Japanese! Below is a list of useful phrases that you can use in your daily life:

Anime conversation phrases

Is this anime cool?

  • このアニメはクールですか。
  • Kono anime wa kūrudesu ka?

I watched the anime.

  • アニメを見ました。
  • Anime o mimashita;

Fate / stay night is a cool anime.

  • フェイト/ステイナイトは涼しいアニメです。
  • Done / suteinaito wa suzushī animedesu;

What is your favorite anime?

  • あなたの好きなアニメは何ですか。
  • Anata no sukina anime wa nanidesu ka;

I’ll watch anime

  • アニメが見ます。
  • Anime ga mimasu;

My favorite anime is "Nanatsu no Taizai".

  • 好きなアニメは七つの大罪です。
  • Sukina anime wa nanatsunotaizaidesu;

While I eat, I watch anime.

  • アニメを見ながら食べます。
  • Anime o minagara tabemasu;

Chatting about anime in Japanese

Do you borrow your manga?

  • 彼の漫画を貸しますか。
  • Kare no manga o kashimasu ka;

I want to buy a manga

  • 漫画を買いたい 。
  • Manga o kaitai

This anime is on the air even in other countries. 

  • そのアニメは外国でも放送されています。
  • Sono anime wa gaikoku demo hōsō sa rete imasu;

I used to see this anime in childhood.

  • このアニメ、子供時代によく見てたんだ
  • Kono anime, kodomo jidai ni yoku mi teta nda

I can't be without anime. 

  • 私はアニメなしですますことができない。
  • Watashi wa anime nashi de sumasu koto ga dekinai;

I watched the anime in the middle of work. 

  • 私は仕事の合間によくアニメを見ました。
  • Watashi wa shigoto no aima ni yoku anime o mimashita;


  • アニメ- Anime;
  • 漫画-マンガ - Manga;
  • ライトノベル - Light Novel (they are romance books or not, similar to Manga);
  • 漫画家 - Mangakka - Mangaká;


  • Child - 子供 - Kodomo = Children's anime genre;
  • Boy - 少年 - Shounen = Anime genre, generally, fighting, dedicated to boys;
  • Girl - 少女 - Shoujo = Romantic anime genre, dedicated to girls;
  • Young Man - 青年 - Seinen = Anime genre dedicated to adult men (over 20 years old);
  • Woman - 女性 - Josei = Anime genre dedicated to adult women (over 20 years old);
  • Mechanic - メカ - Mecha (Meka) - Abbreviation of English "mechanical" (mechanic) = Robot anime genre;
  • Magic Girl - 魔法少女 - Mahou Shoujo = Young female character with magical powers;
  • Derived from the Arabic "harãm" - ハーレム - Harém (Hāremu) = Anime genre that the protagonist lives surrounded by characters of the opposite sex;

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