Reasons not to study at a Language School

If you are learning Japanese or another language, you must have thought about enrolling in a renowned school, or in a face-to-face course. In this article I will show you some reasons why you should not do this.

I don't want to belittle the Schools or criticize their teaching methods. I agree that it is very good to study in a room and have coexistence with student and teacher. Remembering that this is a PERSONAL OPINION, I'm not telling anyone to stop enrolling in language courses. Some of the reasons can be analyzed in depth, and then you can decide whether or not to enroll in a particular school.

Nor should we generalize, because even though some schools are more interested in making money than teaching, there are some language schools that have an excellent pedagogical plan. They qualify their teachers in an exemplary way and have updated materials.


Most schools and face-to-face courses are often expensive. I already tried to see an English course in a famous school that was divided into 3 levels, each level cost 7,000 Reais and lasted for about 3 years, with only 2 hours of class per week. I went to see the price of the face-to-face Japanese course, 2 hours of lessons per week for 60 USD per month. How absurd!

You will spend a fortune to learn the basics, and you can invest less in other methodologies, online courses, or dedicate yourself and learn on your own.

Yen money

Teaching methods

Most schools teach a traditional method, which makes you write thousands of texts on paper, and then you don't remember anything. The traditional method of schools is considered one of the worst. The real way to learn a language is to stay in touch with it, which is a bit difficult in a traditional classroom. Maybe that's why English is taught in schools, but most don't learn it.

These methods are usually slow, classrooms have many students and little guidance from teachers, they usually use books and exercises, which you can do at home. Remembering that classes are usually only 2 times a week, 2 hours.

Reasons not to study at a language school


It's really absurd for a language course to last 4 to 6 years, and you still haven't reached fluency. In addition to the high price, you will have to take days a week to go to school, attend only 2 hours of class, so after 5 years you forget a lot of what you learned.

It is very common to see people taking courses for many years, and then not being able to converse or develop a conversation in the language. Your time was wasted, and you learned nothing.

Reasons not to study at a language school

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What do you get? Anything

Some think that taking classes at reputable schools will provide you with a good Diploma and help you get jobs. Know that this diploma that schools offer is worth NOTHING!

A degree is not a test of language proficiency. You can't use it to get into college, get a job, you can't use it for practically anything.

Reasons not to study at a language school

How to study?

Really taking face-to-face classes will only delay your learning. I wrote an article talking how to learn Japanese quickly, you can read by clicking here. Our website also helps you to learn the Japanese language with many articles.

The Internet is full of content to study any language. Video Lessons, digital books, online courses, websites... If you know English, the amount of content to learn a new language is even greater.

Now if you find a school that has classes every day, part time, I say it's worth it. If you live in the country of the language you want to learn, there are probably schools like this. Now language schools in Brazil? heuheuhe

Remembering that the best way to learn a language is by diving into it. Try to consume and read as much content in the Language you want to learn. An alternative to face-to-face classes are private lessons or online courses with unique teaching methods.

Private lessons can be good, but some tend to follow the same traditional method as schools, so be sure to consider the method taught by your private tutor. Online courses that promise unique methods to learn a language, most of the time work if they are applied correctly. Unfortunately, the market for online courses is saturated, so you should be wise to buy an Online Course in a Language. There are thousands of English courses, like Mairo Vergara or Jerry Costa.

Now about the Japanese language, the only reliable Online Course I know is Luiz Rafael's online Japanese program. Unfortunately, vacancies are only open twice a year, so we always recommend following our website for details. You can download the Free Book “Uncovering the Japanese Language” to study, just register on our website.

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