Don't give up on learning Japanese!

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Japanese is hard! What is the benefit of you learning Japanese? Are you learning this just to watch anime? Why are you studying Japanese? Why don't you learn English that is more useful? These are comments that we constantly hear from people, friends and family. And sometimes those comments let us down, and even discourages us from learning the language!

The whole world will conspire to stop you learning Japanese, they will make jokes, they will fill your patience, ask stupid questions and tell lies about Japan. They will confuse Chinese with Japanese and many other things that can discourage us.

In today's article I would like to present a motivating video from our friend and partner Luiz Rafael, with the theme: Don't give up studying Japanese! In addition, I will write some tips and reasons below the video so you don't give up on learning this beautiful language!


Do these reasons not discourage you from learning Japanese? But do you have other reasons that are making you give up?

  • Lack of time - I work 10 hours a day or I am very busy with college;
  • Very difficult - I am finding the Japanese language very difficult and I think about giving up;

Do not give up!

The video of Luiz Rafael already made it clear that we should not give up! Mainly because of other people. Learning has many benefits and challenges, if you gave up it is because you are weak! Don't be a weakling!

Learning is the only thing that the mind never tires, never fears and never regrets. If you give up now, you will probably regret it, because he who does not fight for the future he wants, must accept the future that comes.


No matter how slow you go, the pace you take, as long as you don't give up on learning! Even if you are not successful, remember that to succeed is to fail repeatedly, but without losing enthusiasm.

Don't let anyone discourage you! No obstacle is so great if your will to win is greater. If you are stopped move! Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can!