Japan Politics - How does the government work?

Because Japan is a constitutional monarchy, Japanese policy works differently from our policy, as we are a republic. In the monarchy, the head of state (monarch), being a ceremonial function that has no control over the government, is not elected. In the Japanese elections, the head of government (Prime Minister) and the ministers of state are elected.

If you ask yourself how Japanese politics and government work, what government method, how many parties there are, among other things, in this article I will clarify how the government manages the archipelago.

Japan politics - how does it work?

How the Government of Japan works

Japan is a multi-party democratic constitutional parliamentary monarchy, where the Emperor is the head of state and the Prime Minister is the head of government and head of the Japan Cabinet.

Legislative power falls on the National Diet (which would be comparable to our National Congress) which is composed of the House of Representatives and the House of Counselors. Judicial power falls on the Supreme Court and lower courts and sovereignty falls on the Japanese people by the 1947 Constitution.

Japan politics - how does the government work?

As in Brazil, there are several political parties in Japan because, in all, there are more than 30 Japanese parties. However, since 1955, one of the Japanese parties known as 自由民主党 (Liberal Democratic Paritdo) has dominated chamber elections along with 民進党 (Democratic Party).

Of the more than 30 parties, only 11 parties are represented in the National Diet. The other parties are represented by the local prefectures / provinces.

What is the participation of the people in Japan’s politics?

Japan is a nation with a good education and preparation of young people for the job market. But when it comes to politics, the younger people have little or no interest in voting.

Women are not very welcome in politics, given the small number of women in Japanese politics.

The portion that actually votes, are the middle aged men, most of them being elderly.

Japan politics - how does the government work?

This is something that, at the same time, is a concern for politicians in general as the elderly mass will soon die. The youth mass will remain as an electoral corral. But politicians are not too concerned with changing legislation in favor of younger people. Practically, they support the retirement of elders.

Women find few opportunities in politics as Japan still maintains a very conservative culture towards women. In Japan, women are unable to maintain jobs and children at the same time. What is expected of women is marriage and the role of housewife.

Young people and women do not see much of a choice for them in politics. As a result of policies favoring men and retirees, they move away from politics and abstain from voting.

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