Prefecture in Japan - Discover its many services

Did you know that prefectures in Japan are able to solve many problems in a practical and organized way, causing envy in other countries? Several problems of the Japanese population are solved only in the prefecture of each city. In this article, we will learn what the prefectures of Japan are capable of and how they are.

In Japan, the word prefecture ended up being used to refer to the administration of 47 provinces in Japan. There are also sub-prefectures called shicho (支庁). These local prefectures found in several cities act as part of the administration at a level below the prefecture of the province.

In Brazil, each municipality usually has its own city hall and even so we need to travel to different places to solve problems. In Japan's prefectures, things are usually settled in just one place.

Prefecture in japan - discover its many services

I make it clear that in this article we are not talking specifically about the prefectures known as todōfuken (都道府県). We are talking about the Local government offices of each city known as yakusho (役所), City Hall. In some cities it uses the term shicho (市庁), but it is a different word from the sub-prefecture, understand below:

  • 都道府県 - todoufuken - The 47 prefectures of the 47 provinces;
  • 役所 - yakusho - Government Office - City Hall;
  • 市庁 - shichou - City Hall;
  • 支庁 - shichou - Subprefectures - Branch

Basically we can conclude that most cities in Japan have a prefecture (City Hall) responsible for solving problems for city dwellers. Other problems can only be solved in sub-prefectures or in the 47 prefectures of the states.

How are Japan's prefectures?

City halls are usually organized with support for multiple languages, offering different services for residents and foreigners. They are usually large buildings of first quality, as well as Japan hospitals. A video from our friend Caipira in Japan shows all the details of a prefecture in Japan below:

As the hick video showed, there are several departments (部署) in a city hall, such as:

  • Department for the Promotion of Political Measures;
  • Department of General Affairs;
  • Department of Life, Culture and Sport;
  • Department of Cooperation with the Work of Residents;
  • Department of Health and Welfare;
  • Department of Economics & Construction;
  • Department of Education;
  • Department of Industry;
  • Retirement department;
  • Department of residents;
  • Department of Policy and Planning, Division of International Affairs;
  • Department of Longevity Care;
  • General social welfare support center;
  • Department of social security;
  • Chamber and meeting room of councilors and mayors;
  • Fire service;
  • Human resources department;
  • Education council;
  • Department of Transportation;
  • Agriculture Committee;
  • Hospital Division;
  • Department of water;
  • Urban planning section;

In a prefecture in Japan, you can solve problems related to your visa, citizenship, retirement, insurance, taxes and even looking for a lost relative. You can also take documents, register weddings, births and even speak to a lawyer.

Prefecture in japan - discover its many services

It seems that Japan was smart and put all government departments in one building. We don't need to go to a notary, chamber, forum, INSS and other different places to solve a simple problem.

How to find a prefecture in Japan?

Japanese cities are very close to each other, some cities are small towns with less than 100 inhabitants. Taking off to go to a local prefecture, sub-prefecture or prefecture of the province is easier and more practical. Still, some small towns have even a small office to solve local problems.

To find out the location of your city hall, the times and services it offers, just look for the official website of your city. Searching for city hall will hinder your search, since this term is more used to refer to the prefectures of the 47 provinces and todōfuken. If you live in a capital, then it is easier to find and solve problems.

Have you had a chance to visit a prefecture in Japan? What was your experience with service and problem solving? We would like to see your comment and share. Finally, I will leave two more videos about the prefectures in Japan for you to watch:

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