Discover Japan's wonderful municipal library

We know that the Japanese love to read, so much so that there are thousands of mangas, light novels and books released weekly. Even in bathrooms you find a library or a shelf of books to read. In this article, we will show what a municipal library in Japan (市立図書館 - Shiritsu toshokan) looks like.

Why are we going to specifically talk about municipal libraries in Japan? To show that the Japanese government really cares about the education of the population and invests heavily in knowledge and culture instead of letting the population be ignorant to manipulate it... And of course, a library in Japan is something amazing to see!

Meet the wonderful municipal library in Japan

Japan's municipal libraries are public places maintained by population taxes that allow any local citizen to borrow books or do research and reading on site. Of course, each city has its library, which can vary, but many seem gigantic like an Airport and go far beyond books.

A municipal library in Japan

Japanese municipal libraries can go far beyond a place that offers books. They can display shows, presentations and offer courses and other interesting opportunities. Some have multiple floors and support for other languages, thus showing how well spent public money is in Japan.

Meet the wonderful municipal library in Japan

You can even find studios and museums in a library in Japan.

Some libraries even offer books in the Portuguese language. You can read on site and realize that libraries are full of people and not a desert as it usually is in our dear Brazil. To pick up any book, simply register at a municipal library in Japan.

Let's leave a video below that shows in detail what a library in Japan looks like:

Some features of libraries in Japan

Some municipal libraries in Japan even dispense with contacting staff. There are libraries where you just go in and get the book without presenting documents or filling out forms. After reading, you don't even need to put it in place, just leave it in a designated place and the employees put it back on the shelves.

There are screens that can help you find the exact location of a book on a particular floor or sector. The first time you want to take a book home, you will need to register and get a magnetic card that will be used to borrow and return books.

Meet the wonderful municipal library in Japan

In addition to books, you will find gigantic areas to rest and relax while you read. In addition, in these libraries in Japan you will find copiers, internet, desks, children's areas and parking lots similar to those in shopping malls. All this for free! And you can still find convenience stores and restaurants on site or nearby.

Some libraries exceed 500,000 books and can be open every day. The Japanese libraries are a great reason for envy and one of the reasons why Japan is an organized, peaceful and prosperous country. What do you think of Japanese libraries? What do you think about sharing so people know the importance of knowledge?

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