Undergraduate courses in Japan – 4 most sought after areas

Before we talk about undergraduate courses, let's talk a little more about Japanese culture. The Japanese have always been envied for their dedication and effort. But it is also a fact that this is already part of the culture of this country. The Japanese lineage, since ancient times, teaches that you should give your best in everything you do.

They always defend honor and morality, respect hierarchy and have the idea that education is the key to success. These are the reasons that make the Japanese nation a symbol of respect, ethics and dedication.

And all this culture is also carried to all stages of life. And it affects many other aspects of society, such as the level of quality of education. Which in Japan is not bad at all.

Undergraduate courses in Japan - 4 most sought-after areas

Universities in Japan

There are approximately 780 universities in Japan. The minority of which are public. And they are highly regarded in the areas of exact sciences, which includes engineering in general, mathematics, physics, chemistry, etc.

To give you an idea, of the twenty-three Japanese who won the Nobel Prize, nine of them were enrolled in public universities in Japan. All these achievements are the result of investment in education and the importance of teaching that the Japanese planted in their society.

undergraduate courses

With a focus on exact, engineering and biological sciences, Japan stands out worldwide with its top-notch research. And it is not surprising that the courses most sought after by the Japanese are concentrated in these areas.

First of all, it is interesting to say that Japanese students are more concerned about which university they are going to enter. After knowing where he will study, the freshman decides what his area of expertise will be and, finally, what course he wants to take.

But that's where the question that originated this article comes from: What are the undergraduate courses most taken by the Japanese? For this, we list below the four most popular and highly regarded areas in Japan and the most sought after degree courses in each of them.


Japan is widely recognized for its excellent education, from the most basic levels to undergraduate and graduate degrees. This is due, in addition to their culture, to the training of their teachers.

Respect for the teacher is very important for the Japanese, because he is the one who is helping him to transform his future.

Degree courses are one of the most sought after areas by the Japanese. If a person can teach in English, both his salary and his employment opportunities will increase exponentially.

Mainly in the city of Tokyo, where there is the University of Tokyo – or known as UTkyo, teachers have a large area of expertise. The job market is not saturated and always interesting to future graduates.

Undergraduate courses in Japan - 4 most sought-after areas

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Human relations

Courses in the humanities are among the most sought after areas by Japanese students. In 2005, they corresponded to 16% of the total number of students. The great importance of the humanities in Japan is a reflection of its ethical society, persisting in the moral education of the Japanese since imperial times.

One of the most sought after courses in the humanities is the Global Studies. That would be equivalent to the graduation of International Relations in Brazil.


Those who believe that the first course desired by the Japanese are engineering are wrong. Despite the fame that the Japanese have in Brazil: “every japanese is good at math”, this data shows that our impressions were wrong.

The great mathematical baggage that the Japanese people carry since elementary school is great. And sometimes it makes them discouraged when they want to get into a career. Others see the opportunity of the education they received and exceed expectations.

The Electrical Engineering and Computer Science courses have been attracting the attention of students. Japan is a very technological and high level of innovation.

Undergraduate courses in Japan - 4 most sought-after areas

At Osaka University courses in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science are in high demand. The reason is that the innovation and artificial intelligence department is headed by the creator of Geminoid F, Hiroshi Ishiguro. The robot has 65 facial expressions.


First of all, most of the courses desired by students are within the area of business and social sciences. The most sought after courses in the business area are: administration, law and accounting.

The most famous business school in Japan is Waseda University located in Tokyo. Its MBA – professional master's degree for business – is among the most highly regarded master's programs in the world.

In the area of law, the University of Tokyo stands out and excels in the area. As in Brazil, law graduates need to pass an exam to practice as a lawyer. In Brazil, the exam is carried out by the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB). In Japan there is the Bar Examination.

Kyoto University has the most highly regarded accounting course in Japan. Also due to his MBA in the field.

Undergraduate courses in Japan - 4 most sought-after areas

Did any of these undergraduate courses surprise you?

I have to admit it was a surprise to appear Bachelor's as one of the most sought after degree courses. But I think I only got that way because of the polluted mentality here in Brazil. Where teachers don't even have half of the treatment than in Japan.

And I say this not for the salary, but for the treatment at work. Students are extremely respectful of them, and even society won't allow anything less than good treatment.

Certainly, Japanese culture has things to teach the world. And there are not few, but few are willing to learn. But anyway, these were the undergraduate courses and the areas that are most sought after at universities in Japan. If you liked it, don't forget to share it with your friends.

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