How did Korea go from poverty to world technological benchmark?

In the history of the world, it is possible to follow a constant process of modification of the global scenario, with the emergence of new actions, the dismissal of others, in addition to the process of economic decline and advancement of certain countries, as happened with the Korea.

A place that has undergone several historical events that are important for the position occupied today by the country in the world economic balance, being seen as a space of influence in relation to the electronic and technological market.

These actions highlight the positioning of a government within a great relationship between different countries, through a process of commercial partnerships within an increasingly globalized market, in which an event can impact the entire world.

This highlights a reality in which an economic crisis in a European country is capable of affecting commercial transactions carried out in Brazil, as a result of the frequent process of imports and exports of products and raw materials as a whole.

In addition to the internationalization process between the most different types of enterprises that can expand by offering its services to different countries beyond its headquarters.

A new reality that speaks to digital and technological advances as a whole, allowing better communication between the most diverse markets, which through different equipment makes it possible to carry out these international transactions.

This is in a process in which the importance of knowing in depth the history of the foreign markets in which a company intends to establish itself is also highlighted, in order to know in depth all the commercial possibilities that are present there.

Apart from the cultural issue, capable of impacting the decisions taken by the international audience of a company, based on the behavior style of that particular country.

And within these possibilities it is important to know a little more about the history of South Korea, a country that managed to restructure itself after several crises, reaching today to occupy a prominent position within the economic and technological scenario.

South Korea's economic revolution

In a not so great historical period of time, it was possible to see a complete economic and industrial revolution of the Republic of Korea, popularly known as South Korea.

It would be unthinkable to look at the situation in the country more than 50 years ago and imagine that it would become an industrial hub, as well as a technological reference for the world.

Everything necessary to start a constant process of opening new factories in the country, with South Korea emerging economically through a solid model of industries.

All this in a place with little expansion of land, with a territory of only 100 thousand km², with about 51 million inhabitants. Even in this small region, the country managed to become a great technology reference for the world.

Being influenced by the same process that occurred in a nearby government, in this case Japan, which in its small space of land managed to grow through a focus on the technology industry, becoming the headquarters for large companies in the market, such as:

  • Samsung;
  • LG;
  • Hyundai;
  • Kia.

Companies that have become a reference for the most diverse ventures present not only in Korea, but also in the rest of the world. From a business focused on the technological branch, to a supplier of cables and wires for such companies.

All to make South Korea gain such an influential status that even its cultural appeal became a reference for different audiences, as it happens today through the explosion of South Korean pop music.

As is the case with the famous K-pop bands, such as BTS and BLACKPINK, which today are worldwide phenomena, with more than a billion views on their clips posted on YouTube. But for Korea to reach this new position of relevance, the country had to go through a great historical process.

This process made a place of economic and political instability become, in about half a century, one of the great technology references for the world.

South Korea's history

The Korean country has become a reference for the most diverse businesses, from a company that deals directly with electronic processes, to even one that depends on such procedures.

And for such a position to be reached, South Korea had to go through a major process of transformation, with an important history to be analyzed to understand the journey that made the country this current benchmark of renewal in the market.

japanese influence

When talking about the prominent position of South Korea today as a country with little land, but which has become a reference icon of culture and technology, it is easy to cite the history of Japan as well, occupying a similar position in the market. .

And in fact, the Japanese influence in the country has historical roots, through the annexation of Korea by Japan, which took place in 1910. This Japanese occupation lasted more than 30 years and left deep marks on Korean society, thus influencing the culture in several ways.

During this period of Japanese rule, many Koreans were prevented from exercising and manifesting their own culture, even being prevented from speaking their mother tongue. Several people were also thrown into forced labor camps in conditions analogous to slavery.

Korea would only regain its independence again in 1945, after the end of the Second World War conflicts, but the result of this clash had great consequences for the country's history.

North Korea's Separation

With the end of the world conflict, Korea ended up being disputed by the winning countries of the war, specifically the American capitalist and Soviet socialist system, with the two powers reaching an agreement on their influence in the country.

In this way, Korea ended up being divided between the capitalist south and the socialist north, thus also modifying the entire economic and cultural structure of the country.

While the south opened up commercially, allowing the entry of such a business model, for example, the north closed its space, investing solely in its local industry, literally closing its borders.

This in a division defined by the parallel N 38, in a region of 38º degrees in relation to the line of the Equator.

First president and the country's political exchanges

With the recognition of South Korea as a country with its own authority, its first elections were held in 1948, electing the politician Syngman Rhee, who was at the head of the previous provisional governments.

His leadership ended up being weakened by a series of historical movements, such as the war between the two Koreas, seen as one of the deadliest conflicts in human history, which ended with a ceasefire by both sides.

In this scenario of conflict, a period of instability was established in the country, leading to the impeachment of Rhee in an action influenced by the student revolt, in addition to the influences of China and the Soviet government.

A state of uncertainty that culminated in a military coup d'état, bringing the leadership of General ChungHee Park into an authoritarian government, but also bringing a focus on industry, investing in what would become the country's greatest economic force.

Industry incentive programs

By betting on a demolition service from its old structures, South Korea managed to revitalize itself, becoming today this technological reference in the way it is seen today. And for this position to be reached, the country relied on a third-party investment.

Encouraging the private sector, as well as the country's rich families to invest in this country's industrialization process, thus facilitating Korea's access to better resources, which could take the place to its current position.

Counting then on the support of the population itself so that the country left a state of poverty, becoming today one of the great references of the technological structure for the world as a whole.

And in fact, given the constant evolution of the market, always working with new technologies, betting on this model can be the solution for a country to be able to grow economically, making it possible to invest in itself.

Ensuring then a major restructuring of its market, as in the solar energy installation, replacing the source of energy to be used in a factory, in addition to other actions that can be taken, in relation to the process of renovation of the industry.

For a government to achieve the same prominence achieved by South Korea, it is therefore important to know how to invest correctly in its industry, so that it can grow to the point that this country can become a reference in the matter.

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