Kobido: the Japanese facial massage that prevents wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin 

The regenerative power that a massage complete can accomplish in the human being is something indescribable. It's been thousands of years that different types of massages have been passed down from generation to generation and improved to improve their benefits.

The Kobido-style massage was created in Japan and it's a facial technique. In its creation there are deep traditions. Several scientists have studied and are still studying its effectiveness, which is confirmed by centuries of experiments.

It is known that the human being is an extremely sensitive animal species as well as others in nature and a environmental report that could change the reality of climate and weather is actively felt by all of us.

All these senses make soft touches and stronger ones activate hormonal receptacles in our body. That's why massages have been performed for many years, especially before big battles or after intense fights.

In today's article, we will talk about this very important traditional massage that has been passed down from generation to generation. Nowadays, knowing how to apply it can be the differential within the routine of people with intense and stressful lives.

The increase in quality of life, disposition and other diverse benefits will be clear as the person undergoes several massage sessions.

The origin of Kobido massage 

 The Kobido massage was developed in 1472 to maintain an empress' youthful beauty and has been continually improved ever since. At the time, empresses and other royal women needed to be impeccable.

Many land deals and political holdings were made in their names, so women were constantly subjected to different types of massages, treatments and clothes that ranged from the most varied corners of the world.

To get an idea of the importance of dealing with the empresses, the servants had to make a kind of analysis of Thewater at the time of their bath, with the aim of preventing the skin from being exposed to very hot or cold temperatures.

Japanese women were always subjected to different types of makeup. Just search the internet for images of Japanese women 40 years ago. The well-known geishas, for example, are characterized by their extremely white makeup.

This process is part of Eastern culture and remains, in part, to this day. The problem is that at that time there was no kind of environmental consultancy to check whether or not these products were harmful to women's skin or health.

Therefore, the skin of these women could be extremely damaged, not to mention the stressful routine of the imperial family due to various commitments. This whole scenario made the masseurs of the time develop a special technique for treating them.

It was something extremely exclusive to the imperial family, just like those hot springs that exist in Japan that make a kind of Hybrid evaporative cooler and has several medicinal functions as well.

Benefits of Kobido

The extremely effective Kobido facial massage technique is distinguished by a combination of fast, strong, rhythmic movements with intense, smooth massage movements.

It is a massage that can be performed daily without harming the body or skin, after all, it was created precisely to treat royalty. When massage became popular, it began to be practiced by the general population.

Over time, more techniques were developed until reaching what we have today, shiatsu-style movements, which are ways to release the flow of energy present in different points of the human body.

The pressure slide performed by the masseur combined with a few taps on the face is capable of generating different benefits such as:

  • Improves skin hydration;
  • Elasticity and firmness, draining pressures and vibrations;
  • Relaxes the nervous system;
  • Prevents and reduces wrinkles;
  • Relax muscle tension.

Japan is a country where winters are always harsh. At the time when there was no technological heating, bonfires and steam heating were widely used. Of course nothing with the potential for explosion like the Potassium carbonate.

The issue is that women often had to leave the house to do some errand and this temperature shock is very harmful to the skin. This continues to this day, and the Kobido massage is extremely important to relax tension.

As a result, different points of the skin are stimulated with the activation of the nervous system's energy flows. This whole condition is able to relax the nervous system and prevent wrinkles.

You somehow must have done it without even knowing some kind of Kobido activation when passing a product on the skin. She is becoming quite famous with the advent of social networks and the influencers who teach how to apply products on the skin.

Application points for wonderful skin

Now that you know the whole context around the Kobido-style massage and its benefits also when combined with water treatment, Let's look at the main activation points of this technique and how you can do to have wonderful skin.

1- Neck 

Our neck is made up of several nerve endings and a very high blood flow, so the Kobido massage always emphasizes the activation of energy flows in this part.

To activate it is simple, just place your fingers on the neck, with the exception of the thumbs, and perform rapid movements from top to bottom with moderate form. Remember to alternate hands as you go over the entire neck area.

Only with these movements you reduce the sagging of the skin and the marks of the region. It's a simple tank calibration blood present in our neck.

2- forehead 

The forehead suffers from wrinkles and so-called worry lines. Whenever we receive some kind of information and react, it is common to involuntarily move the forehead region.

To smooth out these markings, simply place your two index fingers in the center of your forehead. Then strands in opposite directions in the parallel direction. It's important that you don't touch your fingers.

When you reach the end of each movement, switch the position of your fingers. The upper one changes with the lower one and the movement must be repeated throughout the entire length of the forehead.

3- Cheeks

The cheekbones are up! If you want to easily highlight them, just perform the following movement: with your thumb resting on the little bone that is close to the lower eyelid, you make constant movements with moderate force.

Move your hand up and down in order to lift your cheek. If you are alone, do this movement unilaterally. After massaging one side, don't forget to massage the other.

If you are in a massage parlor with home lighting automation, the masseuse can do both sides at the same time, but it is not a rule. The objective is to emphasize the cheekbones to facilitate their determination.

4- fluff

The upper lip is the upper part of the upper lip, the place where the mustache normally grows. It is an extremely sensitive part to temperature and spontaneous reactions in everyday life. When very marked, it develops that famous bar code in the region.

Men can hide them because of the beard, while women can soften the marking of the region with the Kobido massage. Simply place your index fingers on your chin and massage your upper lip with your thumbs.

You need to make short movements always downwards. The goal is to activate this energy flow continuously to carry out the body's natural movement.

Constancy is the formula of progress 

It is important to remember that there is no magic formula. We are not talking about surgical procedures or chemical applications that considerably reduce the marks of life.

The Kobido massage is proven by hundreds of years of use in millions of people and countless generations, but to obtain these results it is necessary to have consistency.

On average, if you go to a massage parlor, sessions can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour. And at the time of royalty they were made daily. If you can't go every day, try to go at least once a week.

In addition, we teach practices that can be performed at home or at lunchtime. Even inside the bus if you're lucky enough to get a seat.

These processes take time, but are extremely positive when the results start to emerge.

Final considerations 

Massages are used all over the world by people at the highest level of world sport, even as a regenerative function for young and old who need to take the stress and tension out of everyday life.

The Japanese Kobido facial massage is one of the greatest agents for the maintenance of healthy and alive skin. Try to put it in your life and enjoy its benefits.


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