How do Koreans find their perfect match? Relationship in Korea

Before they meet someone, Koreans already have an idea of what kind of person they would like to spend their life with. Every detail is important to them, for example what the personality and physical appearance of the person is like.

They believe that the more a person tries to look good, the more they value the people around them. If the girls put on a lot of make-up and wear nice clothes, for them this is a sign of respect for the person they are meeting.

Men also take care of themselves, they have their care routine, they are always presentable, always well groomed, these are the main criteria for continuing or not to continue communication with a girl.

Koreans meet their new love in many ways, just like in other places in the world they get their new relationship at school, at work or in a café.

One way they use to meet someone special is through mutual acquaintances or friends, blind dates in groups, where they arrange for a group of a guy's friends to go out with a group of a girl's friends.

Furthermore, there are dating agencies for people who wish to get marriedIn the case of the "Ivy League", the candidates are usually divided up by age, appearance and salary income among other things, so many meetings are made through these agencies.

- How do Koreans find their perfect match? Relationship in Korea

How do Koreans express their feelings?

They devote a lot of attention to their partners, because for them it is of great importance to know that they are loved. They always have their cell phones at hand and love to text, always wishing them good morning! or good night!

Do they text all the time and always ask what they are doing? This type of message shows that they care about each other, they always worry about maintaining frequent contact with their partner even though they work hard and dedicate their time to their girlfriend(s).

Koreans feel the need to talk about their feelings to other people, they treat their boyfriend/girlfriend with tenderness, make cute decorations with their partner's picture and buy matching clothes that are easy to find.

In South Korea it is common to see couples with articles of clothing like coats, for example. Korean men are loyal to women and treat them very well.

They open doors, carry their purse and accompany them home after a romantic date and like to give them gifts. To give you an idea, in Korea you can find a flower stand on every corner and you can also find special machines that sell flowers.

Koreans also show their romanticism by buying the ring, they do this on the 100th day when the relationship becomes more serious, but this ring is not an engagement ring. South Koreans also make a point of celebrate the anniversary of courtship and make this day special by having a romantic candlelight dinner.

- How do Koreans find their perfect match? Relationship in Korea

Korean couple behaving in public

Even though they love to show their love in public, Koreans behave in a more shy way, showing their respect especially to their elders, so no more passionate kissing and constant hugging in public.

So what are you allowed to do in public? It is allowed to hold hands, put your arm on your partner's shoulder, covertly kiss and caress cheeks, and the rest is between the couple hidden from the eyes of others.

Of course, nothing mentioned in this article is some kind of rule, each person differs, and some are already losing their custom and shyness in public. Nothing in this article is 100% exact, consider this before making any criticism.

- How do Koreans find their perfect match? Relationship in Korea

Romantic Encounters in Korea

How do romantic encounters happen? Usually they go to a coffee shop, go to the movies, or just stroll down the street. Several establishments are adapted for the couple in love.

Some restaurants, for example, have walls that you can leave something written on, so couples often write their names on them, in the movies, they serve large cocktails with two straws and portions for two. Something very interesting is that a good part of entertainment in South Korea are aimed at couples.

Who pays the bill? Well, it is very likely that the man pays the bill the first time, but it is not a rule, and then they will alternate one day the man pays and the next day the woman pays, all agreed between the two. In order not to fall into a routine, they usually list romantic dates for more interesting encounters.

In order to show others how happy they are as a couple, they post on social networks the pictures they take together the famous (selfies). They always do this because they are very proud of their relationships and want to show it to the world.

Korean heart - gesture and curiosities

It is interesting to note that many single Koreans live with their parents, so they may have time to come home, even when they are already adults and especially with women.

Korean parents can also intervene by wanting to end the relationship if they don't like the person. Many children are unable to contradict their parents, so it may be that the relationship really does come to an end. Of course, not all parents are extremely strict.

What about sleeping in each other's house? Koreans are conservative, a couple that is not married should not sleep in the same bed or room, because their parents will not let them. For Koreans, family is very important, and it is normal for them to have daily contact, especially with the mother. Therefore, in-laws should be honored and treated with respect.

Interesting isn't it? These are some interesting trivia about dating in South Korea.

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