Kei Jidousha - Mini Cars with 0.6 Engine

While some complain about its 1.0-liter car in Japan, there are the popular and economical cars with a 0.6-liter engine known as keijidosha (軽自動車 light engine vehicle) or Kei Car. The main manufacturers of keijidosha are: Daihatsu, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru and Suzuki.

Unfortunately these small cars with little power do not please other countries. But in Japan, where people drive without haste, always thinking about the safety of others, these cars become one of the best choices.

First, because these cars have very few taxes, tax and insurance charges. In addition to being super economical, reaching easily 30 km per liter. Another advantage is that they are small, making parking easier, having exclusive areas and parking lots and avoiding traffic congestion.

Kei jidousha - the mini cars with 0.6 engine

Don't think these kei cars are just small 2 seater cars. The kei category covers 4-passenger cars, micro vans and pickup trucks. For a car to be considered a Kei Jidousha it must have at most:

  • 3.4m long;
  • 1.48 m wide;
  • 660ml engine (0.66 liter);
  • Power of 64hp;

The Kei car pleases the Japanese consumer, both for its versatility and for its economy. These cars are technological luxury, have forced induction in the engines, continuously variable transmission (CVT), automatic transmission, four-wheel drive, air conditioning, GPS and many other features. In addition, the car is safe and performs well in crash tests.

I want a Kei Jidousha

These beautiful cars are identified by the yellow plate, and don't think they are weak. Kei Jidosha are great even though they are 660cc. It's a super complete car that can be found in the 600,000 yen or $10,000 range. If you want to save money and buy a used car, you can find year 2000 cars in Japan for just a thousand reais.

Kei jidousha - the mini cars with 0.6 engine

Why do these cars not work in Brazil?

If you really like these mini cars, and you want to have one in Brazil, understand why they are not successful here:

  • Brazil has a road full of potholes and speed bumps, and keijidousha wheels are usually 13" or smaller;
  • The price advantages, and not paying tax, would probably not happen in Brazil;
  • People don't usually respect traffic laws, accidents with Kei Jidousha can be fatal here, this doesn't happen in Japan, since it's easier to die in a bathtub than in a traffic accident there;
  • Brazilians like power and running;

Unfortunately you will have to live in Japan to enjoy a 100% in a Kei car. This proposal works perfectly with the Japanese because of their height and the space they have.

Finally, let's leave a video of our daily Japan channel that will show a Kei Jidousha in detail:

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