5 Japanese drinks derived from rice

In this article, we will get to know some Japanese drinks derived from rice. Japanese people are very fond of rice, they eat rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The Japanese also drink a lot of rice. There are thousands of different types of sake, rice milk, rice tea, etc. Today we are going to meet 6 drinks made of rice, sake, amazake, genmaicha, nigorizake, shochu and awamori.


I think most know what it is Sake [酒] (or Sake), an alcoholic beverage made from the fermentation of rice. Sake is consumed hot in big celebrations, such as New Year and Shinto ceremonies and it usually has 16% of alcohol. 

The best temperature to consume the serve is 25º C, it is considered a wine and is composed only of rice and water. There are thousands of sake varieties and other ways to prepare it. To learn more we recommend reading our article on sake, drip rice.

Japan drinks derived from rice


Amazake is a sweet sake (甘酒) with little or no alcohol content. To produce it is necessary: Aspergillus oryzae (a fungus), heat, humidity and a cereal that is normally rice.

The process of creating amazaki allows you to create a type of natural sweetener that can accompany your desserts and other dishes in a natural way. Its use is also present in ceremonies and festivals as in Children's Day.

Japan drinks derived from rice


Genmaicha (玄米茶) is a green tea combined with roasted brown rice. This tea is sometimes called “popcorn tea” because some grains of rice burst when they are roasted. 

The tea obtained from these leaves has a light yellow color. Its flavor is mild and combines the flavor of green tea with the aroma of roasted rice. This tea was consumed by the poor, they added roasted rice to fill and reduce the price of tea.

Japan drinks derived from rice


Nigorizake (濁り酒) or doburoku (濁酒) or just nigori is a type of Japanese sake (wine) made from rice. Nigori is usually the sweetest of sakes, with a fruity smell and a mild flavor.

Unlike normal sake, it is not filtered at the time of fermentation, making the drink look more cloudy (without transparency).

Japan drinks derived from rice

Shochu and Awamori

Shochu (焼酎) is a distilled drink made from barley, sweet potatoes or rice, and has about 25% of alcohol. Awamori (泡盛) as well as Shochu is also a distilled drink made from rice, but it is made on the island of Okinawa, using rice from Thailand and a different fermentation mold, and has about 25% to 43% of alcohol.

There are many other drinks made from rice, such as milk, various types of wine, cachaça and sweet drinks. Many of these drinks are made in the same way, using different techniques and flavors. I hope you enjoyed the article, see you next time!

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