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You've probably heard of magazines Shonen Jump, Shōnen Sunday and many others. They publish several series of manga weekly or monthly in their magazines. These magazines usually have between 300 to 800 pages, and usually bring a chapter of each story, with 10 to 40 pages. You probably know this already, but do you know all the manga magazines and publishers out there? In this article, we will talk about them and their main works. (If you are not aware of the weekly magazines and manga we leave a video at the end.)

It is worth remembering that these magazines and publishers do not only publish stories and continuous series, there are thousands of one-shot (1 chapter), yonkoma (comic strip), not to mention the thousands of dōjinshis that are not published officially. The manga industry in Japan is really huge. We will cite only 2 to 3 works from each magazine.

In some magazines I will put the drawing of the volumes of the magazines in parentheses to give you an idea of the magazines reach. Unfortunately it is difficult to know the exact print run, it always changes, and I am putting the print run a little old.


h3 id = ”firstHeading” class = ”firstHeading” lang = ”en”> Shueisha and  Jump Comics

集英社, Shūeisha is Japan's largest publisher, responsible for creating several manga magazines, including the famous Jump Comics. 


I think everyone knows the Shonen Jump, one of the most famous manga magazines in all of Japan, a weekly magazine launched in 1968 with a circulation of 2,800,000 copies per week, responsible for great works like One piece, Hunter X Hunter, Naruto, bleach, nisekoi

Inside the Jump Comics we also have the magazines:

Akamaru Jump / Jump Next! - Seasonal edition of Weekly Shonen Jump, which is published on Japanese holidays.

Business Jump - Magazine focused on businessmen in their 20s to 30s. (240,000)

Monthly Shonen Jump - Monthly magazine of the shonen genre, some of the works published in the magazine are Rosario + VampireClaymore

Super Jump - A biweekly magazine of the genre seinen (for young adults) that was published from 1986 to 2011. Some of his works were Golden Boy and Kurozuka.

Ultra Jump - Monthly magazine launched in 1999 full of fan service, fantasy and fiction with works like Selector Infected WIXOSS and Gingitsune

V Jump - Monthly magazine focused on video games, acardes and card games, but had works like Digimon World Re: Digitize EncodeYu-Gi-Oh! and Shin Megami Tensei IV. (391,667)

Young Jump - Weekly magazine of the seinen genre launched in 1979, there is a magazine of the same name but in the style of playboy. Some works by Yong Jump are Elfen Lied, Tokyo Ghoul, GantzB-Cat H-Kei ... (768,980)


Besides the Jump Comics The  Shūeisha publishes other manga magazines such as  Bessatsu Margaret (known as Betsuma) a monthly shōjo manga magazine some of his famous works are Ore Monogatari, Kimi ni todoke and Ookami Shoujo. (225.000)

We also have the Margaret which is a biweekly shoujo magazine created in 1963. Works: Hana Yori Dango and Hikari no Densetsu. (100.000)

We also have Hakusensha, a publisher founded in December 1973 by Shueisha, focusing on seinen and shoujo manga. Its main weekly magazines are Lala and Hana to Yume. Some of his works are Akagami no Shirayukihime, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama, Skip Beat! and Fruits Basket. 

A magazine focused on the public josei (adult women) is the Gekkan You (350,000) and Office You (85.000).


Another great Japanese manga publisher, who publish some magazines like Nakayoshi, Afternoon, Weekly Shonen Magazine. Let's get to know a little of each and its main works.


Weekly Shōnen Magazine - One of the great rivals of Shounen Jump, a weekly magazine launched in 1959 that sells more than 1.7 million copies a week. Some of his famous works are Nanatsu no TaizaiGreat Teacher Onizuka, Love Hina and Fairy tail.

Monthly Shonen Magazine - Kodansha's monthly magazine launched in 1969, some of his works are: Noragami and Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso. (800.000)

Nakayoshi -  One of the most important Japanese manga magazines in the shoujo style, especially maho shoujo. Published monthly since 1954, it featured several works such as Sakura card captores, Sailor moon and Ashita no Nadja. There are other kodansha shoujo magazines such as: Bessatsu FriendDessert and Aria. (500,000)

Young Magazine - Kodansha weekly magazine of the genre seinen launched in 1980, some of his famous works were Chobits and Kiss × Sis.

Weekly Morning - A weekly magazine for young adults (Seinen). She had her debut in 1982 as Comic Mornin. His main works are Uchū Kyōdai and Vagabond.

Kodansha has other monthly magazines like  Monthly Shonen Sirius, Magazine Special, Monthly Shonen Rival and others. 


h3 id = ”firstHeading” class = ”firstHeading” lang = ”en”> Shogakukan

Shogakukan is a manga, dictionary and literary publisher that founded the publishing house Shueisha, which founded the publishing house Hakusensha. There are three different companies, but together they form the Hitotsubashi group, one of the largest publishers in Japan.


Its main magazine is Shonen Sunday which was launched in 1959 and like the other magazines cited, has its weekly, monthly, bimonthly and other versions. Some prominent series are InuYasha, Meitantei Conan (Detective Conan) and Magi.

Another famous Shogakukan magazine is Chorus published in 1977 with a focus on younger elementary boys. Their main manga are based on games like PokemonYo-Kai WatchSuper Mario-kunInazuma Eleven and the classic Doraemon.

Big Comic is the seinen magazine of the publisher Shogakukan, launched in 1968 and has its weekly, monthly and other special versions. Some outstanding works are Golgo 13 and Ayako

Shōjo magazines from Shogakukan publisher is known as the Shōjo Comic and was launched in 1968. Works like Zettai Kareshi… Another shoujo magazine is Ciao focusing on girls aged 12 to 15 published monthly (635,000). There are other Shogakukan magazines focused on the female audience like Betsucomi (1970) Cheese! (1996) Ciao (1977) Pochette, Pucchigumie others. There are also josei focusing on the adult male audience. Its main magazines are Petit Comic, Flowers and Judy.

Other magazines 


Kadokawa Shoten - A Japanese publisher, known for its manga publications Lucky Star, Cowboy Bebop,.hack, Haruhi Suzumiya and Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Core Magazine - A publisher focused on launching manga with adult content.

Of course, there are other publishers and countless magazines that publish manga that we don’t mention here. If you have a magazine that you like, but was not mentioned in the article, you can comment so that other people may know it. You can also leave your opinion on the article, quote manga you like, etc.

As I said, I will leave an explanatory video on manga and weekly and monthly magazines, by our friend Velberan.

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