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have you seen the anime No game No life? Finished this incredible work done by a Brazilian? In this complete article we will see some information, curiosities, videos and images of No game No life. And the possibility of a continuation or a new season. We will also see novels, manga and other extra and original material from the work.

According to the situation of No game No life, we intend to update this post later with tips, spoilers and trivia.

Can you release a new season of the anime No Game no Life? Many people want to know if it can happen! To understand this, we need to analyze the popularity and profit that No Game no Life had in Japanese lands.

First let's see some curiosities and information about the original work of No Game no Life.

Information and Trivia about No Game no Life

Synopsis: – Sora and Shiro are 2 brothers, the first being an 18-year-old and the second an 11-year-old girl. Both are gamers and hikikomoris. They are called by the name of Kuuhaku (which means white space). Because they excel in games, they are called to be part of a fantasy world where everything is solved through trivial games.

Information about the work: – No Game no Life (NGNL) is a Light Novel created by Brazilian Yuu Kamiya (Thiago Furukawa Lucas). In 2014, the novel won an anime adaptation by Mad House studios and later a movie.

Where to watch No Game no Life anime: -

Curiosities: - Read our trivia article about No game No life

Sequel or New season of No Game no Life

Our website Suki Desu did an online search about anime continuation No game No life and contemplate what we discovered about it:

The chances of a continuation or new season of the anime are:

High, the anime was a medium success and even received a movie, it is very likely that in the future we will have a new season by Mad House. In the anime Sora Yori Mo Tooi Basho released in January 2018 we had a clue of No Game no Life, which indicates that a second season is getting closer.

Mad House has already announced through Easter Eggs the release of Kiseijuu in the Hunter x Hunter anime in the last episode. Which indicates that this No Game no Life Easter Egg is a sign of an upcoming new season between 2018-2019.

No Game No Life Novel Spoilers

In volume 5, we see Sora and Shiro going to Avant Heim with the justification of trying to find out more about the Seirens, but they end up getting involved in a game with the Flügels. Volume 6 is the film's story. Volume 7 they face Old Deus.

Original material from the anime No Game no Life

You can see the sequel to No Game no Life by reading its source material, manga and novels:

No Game no Life anime image gallery

Videos from the anime No Game no Life

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