How to use and type the small hiragana and katakana

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Have you tried writing the hiragana or katakana small and failed? For some, even writing the correct syllable, no option with small hiragana appears. In this article I will help you learn once and for all how to write these small hiragana on any computer or mobile phone.

We rarely use these small kana, the most used of them is the tsu (つ /っッ) which can easily appear when typing two consonants together like "tt" and "ss". Small tsu is called Sokuon (促音) which indicates a doubled sound of a consonant or a pause or cut in pronunciation.

This small tsu can be present both in hiragana and in katakana words like soccer/football in japanese can be called futtebooru [フットボール] or sakkaa [サッカー].

Other small katakana and hiragana that we use a lot are (ゃゅょ) which are often used to combine a consonant with the ya yu yo sounds. Using these small kana you can form sounds like ちゃ (cha), ピュ (pyu), びょ (byo), きゅ (kyu) and others. To type them, just write the letters to form the syllable.

How to Use and Type the Small ぁぃぇぉ

Other small kana that are not often used are the ぁぃぇぉ sounds. They were often used in syllables like wi (うぃ), we (ウェ), vi (ヴィ), ve (ヴェ), je (じぇ), fa (ファ) and others. Currently most of these syllables can be written more simply as saw (ヴィ) can write bi (び). If you want to write this hiragana or small katakana, you can type things like va, vi, ve, and vo.

There is a simple way to write any hiragana or small katakana by itself. To do this, just type the X before the kana you want to write small. Another alternative is to type the 1, but it doesn't work on all devices.

It is worth remembering that the syllables wi and we have their own kana that have become obsolete. If you currently write it will be ウィ and ウェ, but if you scroll with the arrow in the other options and writing suggestions you will find the hiragana ゐ and ゑ.

Unfortunately, only kana アイウエオあいうえどうつやゆよ can get small. Hope you enjoyed these little tips. We appreciate the comments and shares. We also recommend reading:

How to type hiragana and small katakana - ィぃぁっ

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