The 20 Best NTR Betrayal anime

NTR anime is a genre of anime that involves the betrayal of a couple. In this article we are going to see the 20 best NTR anime, also known as Netsuzou Trap or Netorare style anime.

For those who don't know, NTR is short for Netorare, a Japanese word that means betrayal. If you want to know more, we recommend reading: Netorare - Unveiling the Japanese Betrayal Genre

Anime of this genre ends up generating strange feelings in viewers, it usually involves hatred for the characters, sometimes mixed feelings, but it's a feeling that makes some look for more.

In this article we will cover with a list of the ones that we find most interesting.

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Scum's Wish

Hanabi, the main character of the work, used to spend much of her time with her teacher kanai.

Hanabi gradually started to create an admiration and a strong feeling for her teacher who otherwise didn't feel that same feeling despite feeling something strong for her.

The girl knows some other people, one of them is Mugi, a boy who didn't show that he had something so deep for her.

However, slowly with the discovery of her sexuality, she ends up having a relationship with Ebato, her school friend. A strong recommendation for anyone hoping to see Netorare.

Scum's Wish

School Days

Makoto Itou, an ordinary high school student who lives in Harahima (a fictional town), while taking the train to go to school he notices a girl he is in love with, whose name is Kotonoha Katsura.

Gradually he meets another student during the change of seats arranged in the study environment, Sekai Saionji, with whom he also ends up creating a more intimate relationship.

School days

White album 2

The narrative has several characters wrapped in the same plot. Everything revolves around the members of a band, whose members are splitting up.

Kazusa Touma and Setuna Osigo play together at a big festival, after the big play, Setuna confesses to Haruki and then they start going out together. Generating the front great influence in the narrative of the characters.

White album 2

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Nozoki Ana

The anime depicts the love life of student Tatsuhiko Kido, an art student who moves to Tokyo. He starts spying on his neighbor's apartment and notices her doing something intimate.

Unrolling into an anime about spying on each other through a hole in the partition of their apartment.

Sometimes both get involved, but act normally, each living their lives, but gradually Kido realizes some feelings towards Emiru.

Peephole manga

Rumbling Hearts - Kimi ga Nozomu Eien

The anime shows the connection between Suzumiya and Hayase, great friends, one day Haruka asks her friend to help her get closer to a boy she liked a lot.

Over time, she declares herself to the boy, Takayuki, and then they start dating. Then, Haruka has a horrible accident, which leaves her in a coma for three long years.

A work of romantic drama that extends showing the evolution of the characters in various details, including the characters getting older.

Rumbling Hearts - kimi ga nozomu eien

Peach girl

The work revolves around Momo. That upon arriving at his new school, he meets Sae, whom he befriends.
Momo is secretly in love with Tojigamori, but Sae is jealous of Momo and will try everything to stop her from being happy.

Momo is a girl with excess melanin, which makes her skin more tanned easily, and she never tried anything with Toji because she thought the boy wouldn't be interested in someone like that.

So Momo ends up finding out that Sae is jealous of her, momo then says that she likes Kairi, the most disputed boy at school, the twist is in the fact that Kairi was actually very interested in her. A strong recommendation for anyone hoping to see Netorare.

Peach girl

Netsuzou Trap

The anime revolves around Yuma and Hotaru, two childhood friends who are currently in the second year of high school, Hotaru suggests some things for Yuma to be able to attract her boyfriend more, it ends up that the help culminates in a kiss from Hotaru, who says to her who certainly knows how to kiss a boy.

After a while reflecting on the kiss, Hotaru realizes that kiss was even better than the one of the boyfriend she had, things start to follow another line and Yuma starts to fear that her boyfriend will find out what is going on between the two girls.

Netsuzou trap


Nana tells the story of two young women who end up being brought together by fate, on a train they end up boarding together, both then notice that their tickets have the same name written on them. The girls begin to interact and despite the name, each has their own unique, opposing personality.

One arrives in Tokyo in search of studying and the other has a dream of becoming a punk singer.

The work unfolds showing both having to live together and have their lives intertwining more and more.


Yosuga no Sora

The anime tells the story of Kasugano Haruka, an orphan who has a twin sister named Kasugano Sora.

Mourning the death of her parents, Haruka lived most of her time in her house, unable to get used to and adapt to the new place.

However, he overcomes some of his pain when he strikes up a friendship with Ryouhei, Akira, Nao and Kazuha. You will certainly find a lot of Netorare within this anime.

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Yosuga no sora

Love and Lies

Koi to Uso, which in Japanese would be Love and Lies, narrates a japan where the government decides who you will marry. Since the birth rate is very low, the anime revolves around Nejima, who is completely in love with one of his classmates, with whom he has been in love since childhood.

But another girl appears in the narrative, this one chosen by the government for the boy, among everything else another person feels repressed passions for the boy, a super intriguing anime that can leave some arguing about its ending.

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Koi to use

Sakura Trick

The anime's story tells the life of Yuu and Haruka, who see that the school they always attended would be closed, both decide to do something unusual, and this would result in a kiss between the two.

Thus unfolding into something more intense between the girls who start making out more and more during the Anime.

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Sakura trick

Domestic Na Kanojo

Natsuo finds himself in love with his teacher named Hina, he then tries to get closer and closer to his teacher, in between, a girl named Rui Tachibana appears, to which he ends up losing his virginity, unexpectedly, Natsuo discovers that his father was having a relationship with him. Hina's mother, who happened to be Rui's sister.

And this is the list of the best Netorare in our opinion, so, did you like it? What did you think of this list? Any objections or suggestions, leave them in the comments, thanks for reading this far, and have fun with these intriguing anime.

Domestic Girlfriend

Kimi no Iru Machi

The work revolves around Haruto and Yuzuki, Yuzuki leaves Tokyo for a city in the countryside, in the middle of the street. City where the father lives. Haruto's father accepts that Yuzuki lives in his house, but Haruto finds that strange and doesn't like that decision, since Yuzuki was a stranger to him.

Another factor that makes the young man go against the decision is the fact that he is already dating a girl his age, thinking that this would certainly cause a lot of headaches and misunderstandings.

A Town Where You Live

Strawberry Panic

The anime shows the lives of young teenagers who are part of three affiliated schools, which are known as; Spica, Miator, Lilim.

The heroine of central focus of the narrative is Aoi Nagisa, She ends up falling on a hill and getting completely disoriented from the place she was, she then ends up meeting Shizuma, who ends up helping her.

Thus connecting the girl to other characters, who start dating, where the plot unfolds in these relationships.

Strawberry panic

There is no direct translation for "Maria-sama ga Miteru" as it is the title of a Japanese light novel series and anime.

The anime chronicles the life of Yumi, a student at Lillian School, a school for Catholic students, the girl ends up being invited to be a Soeur.

Being invited by a person who always had a certain admiration, a work with some doses of comedy and Fanservice and some spikes of actions, however it is a work that focuses more on the central emotions of the main characters.

Maria Watches Over Us


A very popular work that narrates the life of Guts, who goes to meet a mercenary group known as the Falcon Troupe, this group makes agreements with the leader, Griffith, a utilitarian friendship that generates benefits between each party.

Although Bersek doesn't focus on Netorare, there are occurrences and such revolting feelings in anyone following the narrative.


Okusama wa Joshi Kousei

It revolves around the life of Asami Onohara, a seventeen-year-old high school girl who ends up marrying her physics teacher, Kyousuke.

As expected, it's not usually the kind of thing accepted by society, so they end up having to hide this love situation.

At first they are both truly married, but the love between them remains firm and strong, but based on the fact that we are dealing with Netorare anime, some surprises may come.

Okusama wa joshi kousei

Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi (Erased)

Satoru ends up discovering that he is back in the past, in his childhood. While traveling to the past, he recalls that a student had been killed during that time by a mysterious criminal.

Satoru also tries to find out the history of the murder in the past until he finds the culprit. Satoru ends up creating a deeper relationship with the character over time, but things don't turn out as he expected, thus having a possible disappointment in this feeling he had.

"ERASED" Abduction

Ginen Shounen - Mangá

When Matataki, a high school student who is a member of the photography club, discovers that with his camera he can predict the future, he uses his camera to see the girl he has always liked, thus ending up recording an unexpected scene.

The girl the boy had always liked, Mirai, was kissing someone else, in front of a bell that, in popular beliefs, would bring people together who kissed there forever. A note, this work is a bonus as it can only be found in the manga version.

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