The most beautiful and charming characters of anime

We always fall in love with someone at first sight, and this is no different with the things we watch, in our case, anime. And also in anime it is very common to have characters that we love very much and that make us very excited and happy for their appearance.

These characters can also be put as "Waifus". It's not wrong. But it goes with the interpretation of each one!

It is also worth remembering that being “beautiful” does not mean having only a beautiful body, being beautiful is also having an attitude, being delicate and also being someone of words. We can say, "Someone who charms us, for his beauty and for his sweet or bitter way of being!"

Could anyone say that this love is false? Of course not! It is for this love that we often think about our lives and we are left with the right thing to do, that in general. An anime is often like real life, it will give you inspiration in someone's lines, it will give you motivation because of a fact that has happened and above all it will give you the passion to wake up each day and move on! An anime is much more than for fun and for the "Otaku", being enchanted is much more than something of the moment.

Without further ado, let's move on! Of course, taking these things into account, we already know that this list is according to my opinion, right?

It is also worth remembering that some of the characters are "mainstream", so without mimimi afterwards.

Rem - Re: Zero

[Contains Spoiler]

Again, it is not because she is the Waifu loved by many, or perhaps it is an influence for her to be here. (cover photo of the article…)

In the beginning, Rem was a character that I didn't like, that I didn't even see with the potential to be great, but of course, she proved the opposite to me. We all know Subaru's ability to return from death, let's face it this is fantastic! Every time he came back he had a new chance, retracing the same steps, screwing up or fixing everything! He tested these things every time, or rather, he is in uniform, that is to be in a loop.

And of course, in all these laps, we not only witnessed Subaru's growth, but we also saw changes in the characters around him. And that includes Rem.

Rem, being a simple maid, had an obligation to keep an eye on Subaru, thereby killing him. Simple? Simple. Hmm… After some returns we find out that Rem is having his destiny changed. From watch to lover. But unrequited love, let us cry friends. It was to be expected, because of our heroine, Emilia-Tan.

Many episodes were already possible to feel her feelings, but in the episode 18, we were all surprised, we cried and we also fell in love with Rem! With that we thought, she would be a good wife! Of course, we think to ourselves that we certainly want to meet a Rem in our lives at least once.

Esdeath - Akame Ga Kill

You must be asking yourself, “Really? What does he have in mind? ”, And in fact I also feel the same way! Although she is a complete masochist, I can still like her, is it her bloodlust that makes me so happy?

I actually kind of miss that kind of character in anime. The kind of character who would go to an extreme with questionable sanity. But you still feel sincerity in your actions, even if it is not completely trustworthy.

But let's talk the truth ... Her personality is not at all charming, but let's say she makes up for it with her beautiful and advantageous body. Although it is difficult to imagine a smile on that face, then let's agree that she is perfect just the way she is.


Rias Gremory - Highschool DxD

I didn’t put her on just because she’s a famous character, that’s the last thing I want you to think about. But in any case, I put her simply because she is a captivating, delicate, gentle and sweet character.

The first thing I thought when I saw her through the window was, "Wow, she is so beautiful and slender, if I saw her on the street, I would definitely run out to meet her". Highschool was one of the first anime I watched, and with that we can consider it my first “Waifu”.

Another thing that attracts me about her is her personality. She shows a passion and an air of confidence above normal, of course she has a relapse and such, but this is normal.

And seriously, Issei makes me very angry towards her, beside her he is so naive and innocent ... Porr * Issei!

Sora - Yosuga no Sora

Let's admit that she is boring, annoying, arrogant and overly dramatic. But let's also admit that she is sweet, loving and naive.

Sora is the type of character that I sincerely like. She suffers in silence, but when it is to be strong she simply is! She is also very beautiful and sexy. Mainly because of his adult "lolicon" style and something that I could not leave out is his white and slender hair.

In real life I would clearly fall in love with her, but let's hope she doesn't have a twin brother.

She really isn't the best character there, but she can take the breath away from many, haha. But anyway, the thing I hate most about her is her impulsive way, something I like the most is the passion she feels.


Suruga Kanbaru - Monogatari Series

We all know that she is admittedly a lesbian, but anyway, what kind of apparition does not melt in the arms of araragi Koyomi?

She is an athletic, agitated and thoughtful character. I mean, who wouldn't be hurt to learn that their great love loves their Senpai? Or rather… The characters of Monogatari Series have their structure shaped mainly based on their past, and everything leads us to a character who in the end “has a lot to learn”.

She is sweet, mysterious and sweet. And let's also speak the truth, her strongest point is her body! We see this in his naked appearances from within his home, showing off can be a good way to put things.

She is not the character who has the answers for everything, but she clearly knows how to guide others to an answer. Even if it means being harmed.

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