Dismembering music - Amefurashi no Uta

Breaking up songs was supposed to be a series of articles, but we only had 1 so far. We only had 光るなら, and at the time my knowledge was limited, so it was not a good article. Recently our friend Luiz Rafael has been doing articles on learn nihongo with music, it reminded me and motivated me to continue the series of articles. So now that I have more knowledge we will break up songs.

I chose a song that is already present on our facebook page Amefurashi no Uta アメフラシの歌 or Beautiful Rain, an anime song soredemo sekai wa utsukushi それでも世界は美し. It is not a successful anime, and the music may not be your style, but I chose it because it is a little slower, and the video quality is better than the one I intended to dismember.


Below we have the video with the song and its lyrics in Hiragana and Kanji, watch the video as many times as you want, then we will break it up. Don’t forget to turn up the volume.




Breaking the letter apart

To facilitate the understanding of the kanji below, we recommend the plugin Insert Furigana (exists for other browsers, just search). We will not put the lyrics in hiragana, since there is the video above. We will break the letter with kanji, so we recommend using the plugin.

Some sentences are difficult to translate with any meaning, so in some sentences, we will leave only the meaning of the words, try to understand on your own the message that the sentence wants to leave.

今日生まれた 悲しみが 空へ舞い上がる

Today sadness was born and ascended towards the sky

  • = Heaven
  • 今日 = Today
  • 生まれた = Born, come into existence
  • 悲しみ = sadness

空は目覚め  風を呼び この胸は震える

The awakening of the sky and the call of the wind shakes my chest.

  • 目覚め = Awakening
  • = Wind
  • 呼び = Called
  • この胸 = Can be understood as my chest
  • 震える = Shake shake

あなたを守りたい 運命に触りたい 

I want to protect you, I want to touch fate


Touching the destination can be understood as changing or controlling.

こぼれた涙 胸のくぼみを  喜びで満たしたいの

tears shed the emptiness in my chest I want to fill with joy.

A better translation would be: I want to fill the void in your chest and stop your tears filling you with happiness.

  • こぼれた + 涙 = Shedding + tears
  • くぼみを  = Recess, depression, emptiness
  • 喜び = Joy + the particle で is something like "with joy"
  • 満 = Fill, satisfy, quite

It's a tender rain あなたのもとへこの歌が届きますように

With this gentle rain. Maybe this song will reach you

  • 歌 = Song
  • 届き = Reach, reach

どんなに遠くに 離れていても 信じてる 伝わること

  • どんなに = However, even if
  • 遠くに = Far
  • 離れていても = Separated
  • 信じてる = Believe
  • 伝わる = travel

Singing in the rain 雨のしずくが美しく輝いてゆく

Singing in the rain, As likes rain, they are beautiful and bright

  • = Rain
  • しずくが = Drops
  • 美しく = Beautifully
  • = Brightness, light, spark

悲しみ全部が  消えるそのとき 世界は動き出すの Please come the tender rain

The moment when all the sadness disappeared in the air. This world will start to spin

  • 悲しみ = Sadness
  • 全部 = Whole, whole
  • 消える = Disappear, erase, extinguish
  • 世界 = World
  • 動き = Movement 出 = Outside

この景色が  いつの日か  枯れてしまっても

Even if this scenario will wither someday

  • この景色が = This scenario
  • いつの日か = Someday
  • 枯れて = Dry, wither

その瞳に あふれる想い 注ぎ続ける

I will continue to fill those eyes with these overflowing feelings

  • 瞳 = Eyes, pupils (poetically)
  • あふれる = Overflow
  • 想い = Feelings
  • 注ぎ = To fill
  • 続ける = Continue

心をつなげたい  痛みに触れていたい 

I want to connect to your heart, I want to touch your pain

  • 心 = Heart
  • つなげ = Connected
  • 痛み = Ache
  • 触れて = Touch, feel

目覚めた朝の 濡れた大地に 蕾はきっと… 咲いてる

When you wake up in the morning, flower buds on this wet floor are sure to bloom.

  • 目覚 = Awakening
  • 朝の = Morning
  • 濡れた = Wet
  • 大地 = Earth, ground, soil
  • 蕾 = Bud
  • きっと = Certainly
  • 咲いてる = Bloom

It's a tender rain 耳を澄まして柔らかな空気に溶けて

Listen carefully to the gentle rain dissolving in the air

  • 耳を澄まして = Listen carefully
  • 柔らかな = soft, softness
  • 空気 = Air
  • 溶けて = Melt, dissolve

静かに静かに  舞い降りてゆく  いつだって  そばにいるよ

Silently, silently floating down always beside you

  • 静かに = silently
  • 舞い降りて = Floating down
  • いつだって = Ever
  • そばにいるよ = By your side

Singing in the rain 私は歌う雨音に想いを乗せて

I'll sing and send the sound of the rain with my feelings

  • 歌う = Sing
  • 雨音 = Sound of rain
  • 想い = Feelings, thoughts
  • 乗せて = Join, put, all strength

何処までも続く 時の彼方に 眩しい愛があるの Here come the tender rain

To continue anywhere beyond time a stunning love. Here come the tender rain

  • 何処まで = Where
  • 続く = follow
  • 時 = Tin powder
  • 彼方に = Alem
  • 眩しい = Intense, dazzling shine
  • 愛 = Love + がある = There is love, there is love

どんな運命も  結び合う心は 奪えない  

No matter what our fate, our united hearts will not be stolen (or taken)

  • どんな運命も = Any destination
  • 奪えない = Don't steal, don't take

どんな悲しみも 微笑んで  空へと還る

No matter how sad we are, we will restore the sky smiling.

  • どんな悲しみも = Any sadness
  • 微笑 = Smile
  • 還る = Return, return, refund

From then on the choruses are repeated and the music ends.

I hope you enjoy this song and others to increase your vocabularies. You can even try to dismember your songs, or send suggestions, it took me more than 3 hours to do this, it really is not an easy job, but it helps a lot to study.