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If you are a fan of the western heroes of Marvel and DC this work is a good choice. Boku no Hero Academia is an anime based on the manga by Kōhei Horikosh, which since 2014 has been published by Shōnen Jump. It even sold nearly 150,000 copies in a week. Boku no Hero showcases the best of popular shounen from Japanese stories. But it also pays homage to American heroes and comic books.

Due to its great sales success and popularity, an anime adaptation premiered in 2016. That same year, a game based on the anime was released. And in 2017 the anime won a second season. Many, after the end of Naruto, said that this anime would be its successor of fame.

Boku no Hero Academia | story | curiosities | manga

Boku no Hero Synopsis

Everything happens in a world where, unlike most stories, the strange thing is not having any superpowers. More than 80% of the world's population is born with special abilities and powers. But our protagonist Midoriya Izuku, to his deep sadness, is part of the 20% that has no power.

Even so, his biggest dream is to become a hero. He spends most of his time gathering information from all the villains and heroes. But one in particular catches his attention since he was little, this is All Might, considered the symbol of Peace and Justice.

As Midoriya grows older, his hopes of realizing his dream fade. For until then no superhuman power had awakened. But one day he meets All Might and discovers that he is sick and losing his strength due to years and years of fighting evil. Even though he has no power, Midoriya saves one of his classmates. So All Might notices that the boy is dedicated and honorable and decides to pass his power on to him.

Boku no Hero Academia | story | curiosities | manga

But in order to receive such power, Midoriya undergoes intense training, and soon after that he enters the Quirk School. Now he has to learn to control his powers and prove he has the ability to truly become a hero. In addition, he has to overcome various problems such as relating to his peers and even bullying. Will Midoriya be able to get through these difficulties and become the hero he's dreamed of so much? You'll find out if you watch.

List of Boku no Hero Academia Arcs

The Anime Boku No Hero Academia or My Hero Academia is divided into several arcs that are being released in the manga. See below for a complete list of all the Arcs available until the last update of this article (2021).

Admission Test Arch

The new generation following that of Izuku Midoriya and his former classmates is preparing for the entrance exam at the prestigious UA High School, an academy for renowned heroes.

Born without special powers in a world where 80% of the population owns them, Izuku Midoriya still dreams of becoming a hero. An unexpected encounter with the legendary hero All Might gives him a chance to change his destiny, but first he must master his newly acquired power to pass the AU entrance exam.

  • Episodes 1 to 4 [1st Season]
  • Chapters 1 to 4

Individuality Test Arc

Under the threat of expulsion on their first day in the UA, Class 1-A students have the ability to properly use their powers judged by their classroom teacher, Shota Aizawa, to determine whether they are suitable to be heroes or not. .

  • Episodes 5 and 6 [ Season]
  • Chapters 5 to 7

Battle Test Arc

After receiving their hero costumes, Class 1-A students are split into teams of two and face off against each other's teams in an internal battle trial. Izuku fights with his childhood friend and rival, Katsuki Bakugo, for the first time.

  • Episodes 6 to 8 [ Season]
  • Chapters 8 to 11

USJ Arch

Class 1-A takes a trip to the unforeseen simulation board to hone their rescue skills. However, the League of Villains appears unexpectedly on the premises, and students must survive their first real battle against the real villains.

  • Episodes 9 to 13 [ Season]
  • Chapters 12 to 21

AU Sports Festival Arch

Freshmen from the UA participate in their first Sports Festival, showcasing their skills in different competitions to attract the attention of professional heroes. In the midst of Izuku's first chance to show himself to the world, Shoto Todoroki's past is revealed.

  • Episodes 1 to 12 [ Season]
  • Chapters 22 to 44

Arc Against the Hero Killer

Izuku and his colleagues travel to their chosen workplaces to gain experience while training under the supervision of professional heroes. Meanwhile, evil begins to move in the city of Hosu, leading to a confrontation between three young heroes in training and their first formidable villain.

  • Episodes 13 to 20 [ TimeThe]
  • Chapters 45 to 59

Arch of Final Evidence

As the end of the semester approaches, Class 1-A has to face a written test and a practical exam. However, in a surprising twist, they must face their teachers in combat to pass the practical exam.

  • Episodes 21 to 25 [ Season]
  • Chapters 60 to 69

Forest Training Camp Arch

The first US term ended and the summer vacation began. In order to hone their skills, Class 1-A goes on a school trip to a training camp under the supervision of the team of heroes, the Kittens. Their peace does not last long, however, they are soon surprised by a sudden attack by an elite squad of villains.

  • Episodes 1 to 7 [3ª Season]
  • Chapters 70 to 83

Arc of the Foray to the Hideout

The Villains League attack on the US summer training camp left deep scars: Katsuki Bakugo was kidnapped and faith in the institution was greatly shaken. Faced with an incident that could spell the end of Heroic society, the Pro Heroes and the Police mobilize for an incursion into the villains' hideout in order to rescue the kidnapped student while the greatest evil begins to move.

  • Episodes 8 to 12 [3ª Season]
  • Chapters 84 to 97

Hero Provisional License Proof Arc

U.A. made the transition to a boarding school; Class 1-A starts their new life living at U.A. The first task that Class 1-A needs to accomplish in their new residence is to finish the training, which they failed to do at the camp, so they can be ready to take the Provisional Hero License Exam.

  • Episodes 13 to 24 [3ª Season]
  • Chapters 98 to 121

Arch of Shie Hassaikai

The second semester of U.A. has finally begun, and some freshmen are getting ready to apply for internships, despite some resistance from U.A. teachers. Midoriya tries to secure a position in Sir Nighteye's office, which is led by All Might's former sidekick. Meanwhile, an investigation involving several offices connected to Sir Nighteye ends up leading to the hunt for a former member of the yakuza and a mysterious young woman...

  • Episodes 24,25,1 to 15 [3ª and 4th Season]
  • Chapters 122 to 162

Corrective Classes Arch

Having failed the Hero Provisional License Exam, Katsuki Bakugo, Shoto Todoroki and two family members at Shiketsu High School take recovery courses, with the task of winning the hearts of Masegaki Primary School children. In the meantime, Endeavor has a serious conversation with All Might.

  • Episodes 15 to 17 [4ª Season]
  • Chapters 163 to 168

AU School Festival Arch

The UA The School Festival is starting, and Class 1-A wants to present a dignified performance against the public that doubts its value. Amid beauty contests, crazy performances, dancing and food, a gentleman and his partner are desperate to make their mark in history, and the United States. is your target.

  • Episodes 18 to 23 [4ª Season]
  • Chapters 169 to 183

Professional Heroes Arch

The heroes' ranking is published every six months and Endeavor has earned its place as the new number one hero. Divided by the invisible pillar he has to protect and his tense family ties, Endeavor and hero Number Two discuss the rumors behind Nomus when a sudden attack by a new Nomu puts Endeavor's role as Number One to the test!

  • Episodes 24 and 25 [4ª Season]
  • Chapters 184 to 193

Joint Training Arc

Class 1-A and 1-B compete against each other in a Joint Training Battle, joining them is Hitoshi Shinso, who is eager to join the Hero Course. As the exercise is being carried out, Izuku discovers a new secret about One For All; one that none of the previous eight users could ever have dreamed existed.

  • Waiting for a New Season
  • Chapters 194 to 217

Liberation Army Meta Arc

The personal confidant of All For One has given Tomura an almost impossible challenge that, if he succeeds in overcoming it, will prove that he is worthy to be the successor of his master. Meanwhile, the Meta Liberation Army, a group that opposes power restriction laws, kidnapped Giran in an effort to lure the League of Villains into a trap, not wanting them to become more infamous than Destro, the leader of the Liberation Army Meta original.

  • Waiting for a New Season
  • Chapters 218 to 240

Endeavor Agency Arc

With Hero Work-Studies back in place, the top three students in Class 1-A study with the new Pro Hero # 1. Meanwhile, the fire-powered Hero undergoes an unusual epiphany.

  • Waiting for a New Season
  • Chapters 241 to 252

Paranormal Liberation War Arc

After a tip from Hawks and a new source of information in Tartarus, the Heroes have gathered all the information they need to face the Paranormal Liberation Front. It is a large and powerful organization of villains formed from the union of the League of Villains and the remnants of the Meta Liberation Army.

  • Waiting for a New Season
  • Chapters 253 to 288 [Still in publication]

Points we can observe from the work

The anime seems to be a bit slow and spends more time on fights than the manga itself. The weekly shonen jump deadlines made the author rush and leave some fights aside like the ones that happened during the sports festival.

The manga explores themes of law and order, having freedom with your powers, or needing licenses. We noticed that several characters are punished for engaging in illegal combat with a villain, even in self-defense. So much so that one of the things the group of villains propose is freedom from their powers.

If we pay attention to some extent, all the characters are single or not involved in romantic relationships. The series puts a lot more emphasis on characters becoming heroes, putting an emphasis on friendships and teamwork, leaving romance aside in the anime. A big disappointment for those who like it.

Boku no Hero Academia | story | curiosities | manga

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Continuation and New Season of Boku no Hero Academia

Whenever a new anime season ends, other people search the internet to find out if they're going to have a new season or continuation. What about Boku no Hero Academia? Will there be a New Season? Continuation? Fifth season? Sixth Season?

Boku no Hero is a very successful anime with a monthly search of over 300,000 people, although interestingly the majority of searches are for adult content. The universal success of Boku no Hero guarantees 100% the possibility of a new season as long as we have content for that.

In addition to the anime and manga, Boku no Hero has received film adaptations for cinema of great quality and success. We believe that the original material guarantees until 2022 two more seasons of the anime.

Boku no Hero Academia | story | curiosities | manga

Fun facts about Boku no Hero

Two Spin-Offs were released. The first, My Hero Academia Smash, which is a parody of the Gag Series. The second is titled Vigilante – Boku no Hero Academia: ILLEGALS. Made by a different author and artist, this manga takes place shortly before the events of the main series, and details the story of a group of unlicensed heroes.

There is a lot of cherry blossom (sakura) symbolism in the anime. When All Might announces that Deku might be a hero, the cherry blossoms fall to represent the blossoming of a new hero. Look at the cherry trees at the bottom of the first opening between Izuku and Katsuki, representing the flourishing of rivals.

Boku no Hero Academia | story | curiosities | manga

Prior to the anime adaptation's debut, manga artist Masashi Kishimoto (Naruto) praised Boku no Hero. With that Horikoshi (Author) cited the Naruto series as the main source of inspiration for his work.

People with powers don't have a joint in their little finger. It was explained that this joint is only found in humans, the lack of it shows that the person is in a new stage of evolution.

  • An action game developed by Bandai Namco, My Hero Academia: One's Justice, was created for Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch;
  • the Chinese city of Qingqing (light happiness) is a play on the Chinese city of Chongqing (heavy happiness)!

Curiosities involving the names of the characters

Ashido mine doesn't call the Deku just because of his green uniform. She calls him blue whiting because of his name, which is Midorya (緑谷), since in Japanese green is midori (緑). The name "Izuku" can also be read as "Deku", which is homophone of the term dekunobou, which means "useless", "useless" (more precisely wooden doll).

His Hero name is a reference to the expression Ganbaru Deku ( 頑張るでく ) which translates to “I Can Do It”, but everyone thinks of the original meaning of the word.

The name Bakugou (爆豪) is a reference to his power that involves bombs and explosions. Bomb in Japanese is literally bakudan, while explosion is bakubatsu. Both words use the same ideogram that is present in the name of Bakugou (爆). Katsuki means "I win", bakugou literally means big explosion.

The Shoto Todoroki it also has a name related to its power. Todoroki (轟) means something like "bang", "great impact" and Shoto (焦凍) is a combination of the words "toast" and "to freeze".

Momo Yaoyorozu - The word Aoyorozu" literally means "eight million", a number that indicates all creation. Momo" can be read as "one hundred" (hyaku, in Japanese). momo went through referral, because in Japan it is common for schools to refer students with good grades without having to go through the entrance exam.

Did you already know the anime? If yes, did you like it? Interested in the manga or anime if you haven't seen it? Leave your opinion about the anime in the comments and share it with your friends.

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