Black Clover - Curiosities, Season, Characters and Spoilers

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Black Clover is one of the most popular anime of the moment, with a huge demand rate in recent years. Many are in doubt with regards to bows, new season releases, characters, curiosities and spoilers, that's why we created this Guide.

Basic information about Black Clover

For those who are unaware, below we will share some information about the work Black Clover as Synopsis and other technical data:

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Anime Information:

DirectorTatsuya Yoshihara
WritersKazuyuki Fudeyasu
Music and OSTMinako Seki
Animation StudioPierrot
Distribution / LicensingCrunchyroll
Television broadcasters TV Tokyo Rede Brasil
Broadcasters in Brazil Rede Brasil, Cartoon Network (possibly)
Release date ofOctober 3, 2017
Episodes and seasons156+ (4 seasons)

Information about the Manga:

AuthorYūki Tabata
Lusophone publishingBR Panini Group
PrintJump Comics
MagazinesWeekly Shōnen Jump
Publication dateFebruary 16, 2015 - present

Is it worth watching Black Clover?

After great anime like Naruto, One Piece, Fairy Tail and Bleach, Black Clover is what we have to list with its more than 150 episodes and guaranteed continuations. The big problem is the Pierrot studio, which annoys some anime fans because of its way of rushar.

In the beginning Black Clover generated a lot of repercussions because of its animation and team, but luckily things improved with time and it has an acceptable animation and a great soundtrack. If you like anime with magic Black Clover may be a great option for you.


The anime even received a dubbing in Portuguese that further raised its success in Brazil. Throughout its four seasons already released, the anime conquers more and more viewers. All of this in a medieval setting full of magic and ancient architecture.

The anime has a certain filling or filler that allows some to even jump bows. The anime is created along the same lines as Naruto, Tokyo Ghoul and Bleach to conquer the same demand for success using some shounen clichés.

Black clover - curiosidades, temporada, personagens e spoilers

Curiosities about Black Clover

Asta our protagonist has a childhood crush on a Nun named Lily, he was born without magic and that encouraged him to become muscular, being the second most muscular person in the anime behind only Yami Sukehiro. Luckily our protagonist is the only one currently capable of wield the anti-magic swords.


Yuno is compared to Sasuke of Naruto for his air of mystery, becoming one of the favorite characters of the work, but unfortunately his development is not one of the best. Asta is also compared to Naruto for his loud voice and other similar aspects that makes him a mixed bag of criticism. The loud and assertive voice makes the character a Best Seller.

Although many despise him, Asta is loved by three girls. The first girl is Noelle, her teammate, then Mimosa, a member of the Golden Dawn, and Rebecca, the girl from the city.

What few know is that the character's full name is Asta Staria which was revealed in Black Clover's One-Shot. This was not disclosed in the anime, sparking some theories that his name is Astaroth after a Demon.


Black Clover was supposed to be actually a manga sequel shonen previous where young Yami would be the protagonist. It turned out that Black Clover was published and Yami was included in the work as a secondary character.

Have you ever wondered why Asta doesn't have Magic? The Witch Queen said that the reason he has no magic is due to a genetic mutation, a mutation that could have occurred in his mothers' womb as a defense against her by draining his magic, allowing him to be born.

Black clover - curiosidades, temporada, personagens e spoilers

Black Clover Season and New Seasons

Black Clover is a successful anime made by Pierrot that usually releases hundreds of episodes of anime. So as long as there is original material to adapt, we will always have a new season in a maximum waiting period of one year.

The big problem is that in the fourth season of Black Clover the anime gets very close to the manga, if that happens maybe the adaptation will delay a little or generate new filers. Despite this, rumors of the fifth season claim to be in late 2021.

Black Clover usually has a lot of filler to fill the voids until it reaches the manga. By having many captivating characters, the work manages to extend a lot with secondary stories. There are factors that could delay the fifth season to 2022, but it is not necessary to think that the anime will stop without any continuation.

Black clover - curiosidades, temporada, personagens e spoilers

Black Clover spoilers

Below we will see a brief series of shocking spoilers for the curious who want to know but do not intend to read the manga.

Black Clover chapter 233 to 268 spoilers

Chapter 233: Yuno is greeted by Ralph from Spade Kingdom, who is fleeing the Black Triad. He then tells Yuno that he is not only from the Kingdom of Spade, but also a royal prince of the Grinberryall family!

Chapter 234: Yuno took a good look at the past through Ralph's Memory Magic of how he was delivered to Hage Village by Ralph's father fleeing the Black Triad, but that doesn't explain Asta who was delivered there with Yuno. Golden Dawn is under attack by the Spade Kingdom led by one of the three Zenon of the Black Triad!


Chapter 237: Just as things were looking up for Yuno, Klaus and Letoile, who defeated both of the Dark Disciples while they survived; William falls for Zenon in what appears to be a complete battle of brakes!

Chapter 238: Klaus and Letoile are mortally wounded and possibly killed in the process by Zeno, and so Zenon uses only 55% of your Devil's power to contain Yuno, which is on Spirit Dive and with the Sword of Zephyr spell absolutely! When Ralph arrives, William was taken away and Yuno is dying while impaled by Zenon's bone sword. Golden Dawn were totally crushed by the power of the Kingdom of Swords.

Chapter 255: Vanica successfully captures Lolopechka and detonates the devil's power in his Dark Disciples, turning them into bombs. The panels show giant explosions that destroy much of the Heart Kingdom.

Chapter 260: Although he manages to defeat Dante after a tiring battle with Asta's help, Yami is captured by Zenon, despite the efforts of the Black Bulls. Now, the Dark Triad has the wizards needed to form the Tree of Qliphoth and bring demons into the living world.

Chapter 268: The revelation of why the Demon of Asta, called Liebe, was in Licht's library. The lowest of the bass due to having no magic, he somehow survived by knocking on the gate that separates the Underworld from the humans and found himself in the human world. He was eventually adopted by Licita, Asta's mother, who left Asta at church due to the condition of her body, believing it would be harmful to the newborn. Liebe was later possessed by Lucifer, who then fatally attacked Licita to take control of Liebe's body. He was removed and, as a last resort, to save Liebe from further possession of Lucifer, Licita sealed him inside Licht's library before he died. Liebe's ultimate goal is to kill the entire Devil race, even if he has to use Asta's body to do so.


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Black Clover Character List

Below is a complete list of most of the characters in Black Clover:

Characters from the Kingdom of Clover

House Kira characters
Augustus Kira Clover XIII Damnatio Kira Finesse Calmreich
House Silva characters
Acier Silva Nozel Silva Nebra Silva Solid Silva Noelle Silva Paplo Foam
House Vermillion characters
Mereoleona Vermillion Fuegoleon Vermillion Leopold Vermillion Kirsch Vermillion Mimosa Vermillion
House Adlai characters
Gauche Adlai ★ Marie Adlai House Boismortier Rill's Mother Rill Boismortier Walter
House Boismortier characters
Rill's Mother Rill Boismortier Walter
House Vaude characters
Ledior Vaude ★ Liliane Vaude Finral Roulacase Langris Vaude
House Freese people 
Lord Freese Karna Freese
Common Families - Agrippa Family
Nathan Agrippa ★ Jonna Agrippa Gordon Agrippa Roxanne Agrippa Nilenia Agrippa Nunnally
Black clover - curiosidades, temporada, personagens e spoilers

Squads of Magic Knights

Magic Emperor
- Lemiel Silvamillion Clover - 1st - Julius Novachrono - 28th
Golden Dawn
- William Vangeance ★ - Alecdora Sandler - Klaus Lunettes - Yuno - David Swallow - Letoile Becquerel - Sylph - Siren Tium - Hamon Caseus
Silver Eagle
- Nozel Silva ★ - Rob Vitesse - Curtis Warren - Nils Ragus - Simon - Kyle - Mohl
Crimson Lion
- Fuegoleon Vermillion ★ - Randall Luftair - Ben Benfunk - Gareth - Rokken - Ruben Chagar - Forte Gris - Theresa Rapual - Goht - Salamander
Blue Rose
- Charlotte Roselei ★ - Puli Angel - Sol Marron - Borja - Wainsley - Risacca Ondell - Selena - Galgaria
Coral Peacock
- Dorothy Unsworth ★ - Rick Cornell - Dmitri Brint - Middle - Roland - Brad - Protobe Collina
Azure Deer
- Rill Boismortier ★ - Fragil Tormenta - Cesc - Francis - Eric - Yami Sukehiro - William Vangeance - Marx Francois - Cob Portaport - Nacht
Green Mantis
- Jack the Ripper ★ - En Ringard - Willie - Nix - Sekke Bronzazza
Purple Orca
- Kaiser Granvorka ★ - Xerx Lugner - Adrian - Gaston - Winston - Digit Taliss - Gueldre Poizot - Revchi Salik - Rades Spirito - Zara Ideale
Black bull
- Yami Sukehiro ★ - Charmy Pappitson - Gauche Adlai - Zora Ideale - Asta - Vanessa Enoteca - Gray - Magna Swing - Luck Voltia - Henry Legolant - Secre Swallowtail
- Jamo - Owen - Marx Francois - Cob Portaport
No Affiliation
Lily Aquaria Orsi Orfai Recca Nash Aruru Hollo Drouot Salim Hapshass Seihi Nick Anna Abra Babra Cabra Dabra Fifth bandit Luck's mother Elica Ellen Rebecca Scarlet Aphro Phati Marco Scarlet Neige Baro Balmain Karen Lapis Eliza Zakkeroni Ina Ina's father Kaito Kaito's father Makita North Gepardide
Devil Banishers
Dazu Tayak Bow Nocde Kabwe Carillon Siona Caverly Onoby Sinho

Characters from Other Realms

Eye of the Midnight Sun
Patolli ★ Rhya Vetto Fana Valtos Sally Heath Grice Fluss Catherine George Abari Zarick Zuta Toike Shidan
Diamond Kingdom
Mars Ladros Ragus Broccos Yagos Galleo Mohawq Fanzell Kruger Dominant Code Mariella Morris Lotus Whomalt
Heart Kingdom
Lolopechka ★ Undine Gadjah Potrof Floga Smurik Sarado
- - - Spade Kingdom - - -
-- Dark Triad - Dante Zogratis Vanica Zogratis Zenon Zogratis - Devils - Lucifero Megicula Zenon's Devil - Dark Disciples - Gaderois Godroc Foyal Migusteau Svenkin Gatard Sivoir Snyle Halbet Chevour Hischer Ongg Robero Ringert - House Grinberryall - Loyce Ciel Ralph Niaflem - Residents - Morris Lotus Whomalt
--- Seabed Temple --- Gifso ★ Gio Kahono Kiato --- Witches' Forest --- Witch Queen ★ Akimo Samantha Kravitz Elvira Aguirre Dorothy Unsworth --- Spirits --- Sylph Salamander Undine --- Elf Tribe --- Licht ★ Tetia Patolli Lira Charla Reve Drowa Rossa Ado Kivn Baval Ratri Ronne Lufulu Eclat Liebe Zagred Gimodelo

Black Clover Quotes and Quotes

"Even without magical powers ... I will become the Wizard Emperor." - Asta

"My magic is not to give up !!!!" - Asta

The gravel may be gravel, but me? I'm gravel that breaks diamonds!


I will climb to the top! Because our dreams are made on top of what we achieve.

Hysterical women are always the third wheel. - Sukehiro Yami

If God forgives or the devil forgives, I don't forgive. - Nach

We must be proud of what we have done, we show that with effort you can achieve everything. - Yuno

If you are not prepared to improve, it is better to leave. - Mereoleona Vermillion


I will climb to the top! Because our dreams are made on top of what we achieve.